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Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection

OK, so today I went to Sephora and discovered Charlotte Tilbury's collection of perfumes and purchased the sample set of perfumes. I believe they all smell amazing and refreshing for this season of delightful fragrances. She really created something new in the world of perfumes and I read what additives created her signature fragrance Cosmic Power and it was launched this year. The reason I'm talking about this now is because I discovered it from shopping at Sephora today and I've been away for some time.  I read several reviews on this line of perfumes, and some believe Cosmic Power is to strong and not pleasant enough. Some scents smell stronger than a pretty rose fragrance and I believe this was the idea of what she wanted in fragrances that works for everyone. For example, I remember one of Tom Ford's cologne's and believed it was so different a guy told me he loved the cologne. Everyone is different when it comes to their personal fragrance.  For those who love
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Beyonce's New American Flag Nail Art

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) Beyonce looks amazing with her plaid top, shorts and boots. Her new American Flag nail art is pretty fancy and could have taken sometime to finish. It goes well with her new look for the day. It's been sometime for me, personally to have my nails done. I can't say I was far to busy because Beyonce is always busy and had time for nail care. This look is so chic and amazing. She looks like she's ready for the stage.  Her album is a must have this year and everyone is talking about grabbing their copy!  Do tell if you were able to wait in that long line to receive your signed copy.  Her horse theme is really cool and it's amazing how she loves to ride horses even though people said this photo isn't of her riding a real horse. Whatever! It's still a cool advertising for her new songs and anything western does seem to have that pro American hotness.  View this post on Instag

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Her 2023

Tis the season again and your wife, sister, daughter, and best friend made a few requests on what they want for Christmas, and you’ve researched and gained newer ideas that will make them happy. There are so many new perfume kits, pajama sets, jewelry charms and so much more. For example, many ladies are looking for new makeup sets that would cost a fortune without Black Friday and Holiday Sales. You can go beyond what their requests are and become creative with your gift giving. It’s online and it’s at the malls and shopping centers. If it wasn’t clear what they desire for Christmas, there are gifts they would not have thought of if you gave up and just gave them a gift card. Gift cards are relevant in the world of not knowing what your lady wants for a gift, a great idea is to choose one of their favorite stores and look at items they might buy and then place the right amount of money on the card. You can get her a card from PINK and look at some undergarments and pajamas and that w

Exploring Your Zodiac Sun Sign: A Comprehensive Look into Astrological Personalities

  Start Up  In the expansive canvas of the cosmos, our individuality intertwines with the celestial tapestry through the distinctive influence of our sun signs. Astrology, an age-old practice rooted in the celestial dance of heavenly bodies, offers an intriguing perspective to unravel the complexities of our personalities. Join us on an odyssey across the cosmic realms as we delve into the core of each sun sign, unveiling the unique characteristics that mold our astrological identities.  1. Aries (March 21 - April 19): The Fearless Pioneer As the inaugural sign in the zodiac, Aries epitomizes leadership, steering themselves into adventures, scaling professional hierarchies, and embracing autonomy. This dynamic group exudes energy, marked by passion, courage, a free-spirited nature, and a hint of turbulence. Despite the positive attributes of Aries, there exists a shadow side. Jealousy, impatience, mood swings, and impulsiveness can pose challenges.   2. Taurus (April 20 - May 20): The

10 Amazing Nail and Hand Treatment Creams

  It’s the season to take care of your nails and hands with treatment creams that will keep them soft and moisturized. Unfortunately soaps that dry the skin can become horrifying for cuticles and hands. Dry hands are awful to have this season especially while trying keep them from becoming extremely dry. One of the ways to keep your hands soft and moisturized is to use healthy hand soap that doesn’t dry the hands. Vegan hand soap works better on your skin and keeps them healthy and soft. I personally remember using horrible hand soap that made my cuticles dry and I needed to change soaps. Burt’s Bees Naturally Clean Hand Soap is gentle on the hands and it’s a better choice than those drying foam soaps. Therefore, it's great to keep your hands clean and fresh the right way. Another wonderful treatment is cuticle and hand creams. This realm of creams is so numerous, it can be a little difficult to choose the right one. And the right one is out there...You just must keep healthy t

54 Thrones Barrier Repair Cloud Body Cream

  I don’t know about you, but I saw this season 13 Shark Tank Episode with 54 Thrones ready to go and introduce their amazing, natural products. So now I am telling everyone they are on Sephora now and the products are receiving very positive reviews. Recently, I posted products that help heal hands with great hand treatment creams and 54 Thrones Butter is one of those products. So, when consumers think of moisturizing, shea butter is one of those awesome hydrating ingredients many thousands of moisturizers say are included in their products. However, is it truly from its native lands known to be grown and harvested each year? We know Christina Funke Tegbe traveled to Africa for some time to do more research on natural ingredients from Africa. It’s important to know what’s inside these popular named brand skincare items and when an owner of this company tells you the truth without stammering, it’s an OK item to have. There’s the key to knowing if this product or that product is origin

Priscilla Movie Review

  The new Priscilla movie had some interesting points, however at the end it seemed as though there's a part two to the movie with her driving away in her car... Moving farther away from Elvis. I read the book, 'Elvis and Me' and liked the film made in 1987 or 88. It was clear the man who invited Priscilla was probably scouting for girls, something Elvis always did during his career. 👋  Let's talk about Priscilla for a moment. At the age of fourteen, girls are setting down dolls and looking at boys, teenage boys that is. Being a military brat isn't easy because of all the moving around. A life without Elvis would have increased traveling and spending more time overseas. Her teenage perspective of life could have been bright and fun without adult worries.  However, here comes a tall and handsome Elvis Presley to shake young Priscilla's foundation. Imagine being so young moving to a place without your parents. Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Elvis was di