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Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection

OK, so today I went to Sephora and discovered Charlotte Tilbury's collection of perfumes and purchased the sample set of perfumes. I believe they all smell amazing and refreshing for this season of delightful fragrances. She really created something new in the world of perfumes and I read what additives created her signature fragrance Cosmic Power and it was launched this year. The reason I'm talking about this now is because I discovered it from shopping at Sephora today and I've been away for some time.  I read several reviews on this line of perfumes, and some believe Cosmic Power is to strong and not pleasant enough. Some scents smell stronger than a pretty rose fragrance and I believe this was the idea of what she wanted in fragrances that works for everyone. For example, I remember one of Tom Ford's cologne's and believed it was so different a guy told me he loved the cologne. Everyone is different when it comes to their personal fragrance.  For those who love