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10 Best Face Moisturizers

  The best face moisturizers will do several things for your skin and one of them is you won't have harsh breakouts and it will keep your skin healthy, clean, and clear. For example, I remember trying a moisturizer cream that was too harsh on my skin, and instead of it helping my combination skin, it gave me blemishes I never had before.  After trying them product, I gave up on using skincare for several years.  However, there was a miracle product out there and I started using more natural lines of products. To better meet your skincare needs you need to discover your skin care type (oily, combination, or dry).  Start touching your face with your fingertips. You should start with your nose and forehead.  Are these specific areas dry, oily or a combination of both? A combination of the two needs a specific skincare line that is gentle with some moisturizing abilities that won't cause breakouts.  A person with dry skin, will need a moisturizer that removes heavy dryness by nurtu

How to Be a Model

  There are several ways to be a model, but please know if you have to spend your money on fake agencies...Please stay away from them. The modeling agency gains funds from your bookings with fashion shows and print campaigns. I remember finding an agency that did not gain a percentage of funds from bookings- they made models pay them every month. If they ask for money, it's for acting and modeling classes you won't need.  For example, you can personally find these coaches on your own. Take time building your portfolio and show it to a real busy modeling agency. There are professional photographers who can handle your portfolio ideas. Take some print classes before you send your copies to your agency of choice. Sadly, the phrase super model doesn't really exist today.  In the 90's,  teenagers wanted to be a model more than anything in the world.  Super models were idolized and they were known by name.  Today, people can only name four or five models however they were alr

The Fifty Shades of Grey Review - Who Is Christian Grey?

 I first heard of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey from a group of ladies on- you won't believe it, Christian TV! My thought of this issue was how did they know?  I never heard of it until I viewed this debate over one erotic series of books. Out of thousands of erotic books, this one was the talk of the town. Let's make it clear to those who don't know...There are thousands of erotic novels on amazon.  I waited years to watch the movies- right now I'm 😊 blushing because what on earth would my family think. So I watched it on Lifetime because I thought the edited version would appear more innocent, but it wasn't. It was OK television but one thought is clear...This guy, Christian Grey, found his perfect wife during an interview with Anastasia Steele.  Without a matchmaker, his happy, new, life, suddenly walked through his office door. But it wasn't easy due to Christian's long contract. In order to understand this rich guy, I went to the library and checked

10 Best Natural Hair Care Products - for Curly Hair

  Finding the best natural hair products for curly hair is so easy to find these days and it’s a healthier choice for your scalp and natural curls.  I’ve been natural for nearly nine years and made the mistake with going back to relaxers…Finding that natural is the better, healthier choice for my hair.  So, after several years of seeing the difference in healthier strands, I chose several products that helps moisturize my hair the healthier way. It’s important that your hair grows during this stage of natural choices.  You don’t want to weigh your hair down with heavy grease, using heavy oils and grease slows hair growth.  Remember on the Oprah Winfrey show, there was a woman who spoke to truth about grease and heavy oils.  The audience booed her response.  Years after watching that episode, I discovered what she said is very true. Later I read a book written by Oprah’s hair stylist…He said water moisturizes hair.  Therefore, it’s better to wash your hair everyday if possible.  Recentl

15 of The Best Smokey Eyeshadow Palettes

The perfect look for your eyes is the perfect smokey eye.  First you must find the best eyeshadow palette that has the perfect hue of color…So what you are looking for is a darker tone of shades like brown, and onyx black.  There will also be a darker hue of purple and blue.  You can also have a highlighter of shadows like gold and silver.  These are great to consider…Because they sparkle. Make sure you have the perfect under eye brush.  The brush has a fine tip that adds color eyeshadow perfectly.  If you created a purple smokey eye, take the under-eye brushes and lightly apply the purple shadow.  This look will make your eyes sensationally beautiful. The twelve-eyeshadow palette is a perfect set of colors that will help you create the beautiful smokey eye.  Eight, eyeshadow palette will do the same and the famous four palette will make your work simple, yet beautiful. Today, you can choose a palette that is perfect for you.  It’s also a great idea to shop around at the local ma