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18 Best Foundation and Concealer Cosmetics

  Finding the right foundation and concealer makeup can be a simple task once you’ve became a pro with finding the right shade.  Several years ago I purchased foundation from a consultant…It was the wrong color for my complexion.  I went to the mall and looked at the store’s mirror, my face showed an uneven skin tone.  No wonder why the sales lady held in her laugh…She was laughing at the cakey mess I made using the wrong foundation.    My mother warned me of the reasons why I shouldn’t wear foundation, “some women don’t need it,” she said.  Many said foundation shows wrinkles on your skin.  Personally, I made the decision to find the right makeup for my complexion.  I went to Ulta and the sales woman introduced me to Clinique’s Chubby in the Nude foundation stick.  After five years of using this wonderful foundation, I finally had a sample of color that looks like I didn’t have foundation on.  I looked natural without blemishes. Because of time and need for something that works, use n

How to Organize Your Dirty Laundry - Full Week Schedule

  Whether or not you have a full-time job, there’s always a way to organize your dirty laundry this week.  Try noticing each laundry basket as the days go by.  Is it overflowing or is the dirty clothes ready for a large or normal medium wash, and when is the best time to wash the clothes.         Do you work weekends night or day? For example…My personal laundry days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Your laundry can probably be done on Monday, Friday, and Sunday.  Again, it is about timing and the perfect day for chores.           Today, is a Wednesday and because of certain changes, I had to finish laundry.  I set the washer on large and cold water, again this is my colored clothes.  I’ll wait for the cycle to finish and placed the finished clothes in the dryer and place the white clothes in the washer.           There are times when I use both liquid softener and softener sheets.  If colored clothes, say like pants, has wrinkles, I will iron them. Dry cleaners are the best

10 Best Beauty Secrets from India

  Every culture has beauty secrets, especially India.  And since there’s a wonderful brand of spices…There’s a stream of beauty products that will help you to benefit from.  So, whether if you need a good hair conditioner or a new makeup brand that will help our sensitive skin, Indian beauty secrets will cater to those needs.                 Bollywood’s actors and actresses, have it all in looks and beauty. The rouge they wear seems more natural than others worn in Hollywood.  It makes one wonder how they still look the same without makeup.  Perhaps the sunlight gives them clear soft skin or perhaps its natural skincare.  Some say they have beautiful complexion because their diet has a lot of vitamin E and C.                 Whether from their diet or creams that nurtures the body, it really shows to help with enhancing their appearance.  Also, there are several haircare secrets that helps every strand of hair look healthy.  Therefor, from roots to the ends, this hair care will sol

110 Best Love Quotes That Encourages True Love And Romance

  Discover many ways to declare your love with one hundred and ten love quotes.  Saying I love you comes from the heart.  If you’re in love…Those words will have meaning because its real and true.                 It’s like the special day a person meets their first love, for the first time.  Stories have proven how the immediate current of love shows up.  Sometimes a person would deny their true feelings like in the novel, “Sense and Sensibility.” They hid their love for a while and then the truth is spoken in the ear of the person there is promised to.                  Once you know you are in love, its proper to share the information to that special someone.  Or if your love has to be the given in declaration, of true love…A love quote will help you remove nervousness to say you love them.  So, love much and love more this day.  1. "Love never fails." 2. "Everlasting love is forever." 3. "I'm in love with your smile and gentle touch." 4. "Lo

10 Best Sweet French Perfumes

Tis the season to have fine French perfumes .  Though its been years since I visited Paris, I’m excited with the possibility of having French perfumes.  Online shopping helps a lot.  Also, the local mall carries many French fragrances fans love.  While in Paris I visited the Eifel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Louvre Museum.  However, because of time, I wasn’t able to visit the fine, designer boutiques.     There are hundreds of fragrances available to you.  Finding specific French perfumes, that may not be in the states is a problem.  Thankfully, there are alternatives for those who love floral scents, also fruity scents with a touch of mint.  Recently, I tried a fragrance line that has the most beautiful rosy, floral scent, that completely awoken my senses.      Though I would have loved going to the French boutiques, and have a specially made box, wrapped with a ribbon, I can substitute those extra special gifts with a blossoming bottle of wish perfume.   Celine Dion’s Enchanting perf