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35 Best Inspirational Quotes That Makes Life Worth Living

  Make inspirational quotes part of your daily routine.  Today, thousands of individuals need inspiration to solve issues in their life.  There are actions that will send you on the right path, and there’s other ideas that might be the wrong direction for those seeking positive results.  Valerie Burton asks people who read her books…What if a new career move or business venture is successful?  For example, no one can stop you but yourself.      You or someone you know needs hope, and not just hope, but actions that will lead them to a life of happiness and joy, also success.  Inspirational quotes can help your today.  You can make inspirations part of your daily routine.  Hopelessness, is a problem that can make someone stuck.  If your daily routines aren’t changing your day to a positive one, you need to continue reading.  There is hope for you.       Are you feeling overworked and a bit let down?  Are you working hard everyday but there’s little to show for it?  Have you thought of

Netflix Cooking With Paris Review - Can Paris Hilton Cook?

                                 courtesy of Netflix                                        The first episode of Netflix Cooking with Paris, she's wearing a very pink gown in high heels while adding several boxes of kids cereal to her grocery list. What's interesting is her frosted flakes French toast! Paris tops them with Lucky Charms…First she makes blue marshmallow treats.   Food coloring turns the melted marshmallows light blue.   The next day Paris’ special friend, Kim Kardashian, comes over to help cook.   They use cookie cutters to shape the marshmallow treat.   The conversation between them is the fun times they had with stickers and how much fun cooking is.   While cutting through the marshmallow treat…Things get a little messy.   It’s sticky, however Paris uses the blow torch to make the topping golden brown. Paris uses French bread and mixes eggs and dips the bread slices in the eff mixture and tops them with frosted flakes.   She places the bread in the pan and l

10 Best Lipstick Shades

  The right lipstick shades this season is the foundation of how beautiful you’re going to look. Crimson lipstick colors are the most popular and it’s the most desired in every beauty boutique. For example, you walk to the salesman, or woman and ask to try some new lipsticks…Red is always the choice they have in hand.  The list of lipsticks ae sensational! Often times, when there’s a new product launch, lades shop online or in a beauty store like Ulta and Sephora. Every sales launch has a discount for lipstick. Coming black Friday…There will be a 10-50% off on certain cosmetics. And there is the favorite crimson shade waiting for you to glide on your lips. But there’s more shades of rouges to choose. Do you like purple lipstick?   Or how about neon pink?   It’s a wonderful idea to try shades of lipstick that ae a little bit out of your comfort zone.   Then there’s the shades that are more neutral and yet sophisticated.   And of course, there’s the deep brown and beige colors mod