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10 Perfect Bridal Shower Ideas

  Whether if you're a friend or mother of the bride, there are several perfect ways you can host and plan a bridal shower. The final days are ahead for the bride, and she deserves to have a beautiful bridal shower. Therefore, it’s important for the host to ask what theme and design she wants for her shower. A great example is a beach theme with seashells located on the bar and surrounding the gifts. Elegant palm trees and beach themes with pearls is another great idea. Where do you plan to host the bridal shower? Location is very important, and you’ll get the address placed on the invitation first, before starting the menu, it’s vitally important. Some people have the shower in a party room in the restaurant and others have it located at the center, hotel, or at home. The invitations will have seashells and beautiful tropical flowers, which is a wonderful theme idea the guests will enjoy receiving.  Create a beverage and food menu so everyone can enjoy the delicious delicacies that

10 Best Beauty Subscription Boxes

  Beauty subscription boxes are a wonderful way for you to discover new makeup and beauty trends. For example, there’s so many new skincare products and brands of new makeup and beauty items you can discover in a simple, yet beautiful box. I discovered some amazing hair care products from influencers who are members of subscription beauty companies. Once a person has tried a product from a subscription box, they will credit a new product they love to them because without their box...They never would have used the skincare. Today, you can choose from several subscription beauty box companies who are willing to share fabulous brands with you. GLOSSYBOX For just $21 a month you can have GLOSSYBOX popular subscription boxes. You will be charged at the first of the month. Subscribers can collect GLOSSY Credit each month by completing product surveys, writing reviews and sharing GLOSSYBOX with friends and family. GLOSSY Credit can be spent on their Limited-Edition boxes or at their partner

How to Declutter Your Home and Organize Everything

  It is an easy process to declutter your home and organize everything around you. Laziness is keeping people in surroundings that are full of clutter. Several years ago, a guy who moved peoples belongings said, “You won’t believe what we walk through in people’s homes before they’ve actually moved.” How on earth can the movers walk through clutter and pack boxes that are unorganized? Staying organized is a habit you can learn to adopt your entire life. Begin with a smaller room, perhaps your home office if you have one. Are things piled on top of each other? Do you have drawers that’s filled with papers you don’t need anymore? Start taking out unfiled papers, journals, and books you no longer need. Place the cluttered items in a corner and send them to the items you still need and don’t need. After you are finished with your home office...Go to the kitchen and see if there’s clutter on the counter tops, drawers, and cabinets. What do you absolutely need in your cabinets and drawers.

10 Best Wedding Gift Ideas

  So you’re invited to a wedding and next is the difficult chore of looking for a gift the bride and groom will adore. It shouldn’t be that difficult if they have a registry of items they need...Make sure they have a registry for the guests first and if there isn’t one, think of every detail newly weds need when they finally move in together. For example, start with the dining room and kitchen. Move along to a beautiful china cabinet and tools used in the kitchen.  Some people don’t take certain wedding jokes seriously and if you are a family member it is expected to happen. For those of you who are on the more serious side, you will definitely find linen sheets the new couple will adore. The couple will need some elegant crystal bowls and some gift cards to their favorite stores. Knowing this information is helpful. Here’s a list of wedding gift ideas every couple will need and want. Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set Very elegant and casual Brooklinen have the perfect Washed Linen Sh

10 Beautiful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  This special day is one you can say “I love you,” with beautiful gifts. Another opportunity to share your personal passions for a gift you want. The day of love is a wonderful time to eat at a five-star restaurant, or go to a play, and stroll in the park.  Most of the time when people think about Valentine's Day they think about candy. For example, in grade school we were taught to give candy to our fellow classmates and friends, but there’s so much more to buying the right gift besides candy. Today, Valentines Day is a time of loving someone more than candy. Diamond rings, bracelets and roses have much more meaning in the way you feel about someone. Tiffany's have more new designs this season. and promotions with Beyonce shows how serious this year's promotions are. Hopefully these creative gift ideas will you with your decision. Chocolates are wonderful but you can be a bit more creative with your gift idea heart ❤️. HYRIXDIRECT ROSE BEAR This Rose Teddy Bear Gift Set

The Coolest False Eyelashes

  With thousands of false eyelash brands, there are dazzling, colorful, long, and unique false eyelashes that will fit your personality. Whether you’re going for a night out or looking for a new look...Colorful eyelashes will make your eyes bright with a sensual glow. If you have a favorite attachment to use for sensitive eyes these looks will work for you. Remember to easily apply a small line of adhesive and slowly apply to your lash line.  Do you like the color pink, blue, purple, red, or green? There are lashes with a stream of highlights that flows through each lash extension.  You can also have a tip of color on the extended line. For example, small feathers or butterflies are added with a beautiful line of color. Pink Highlighted Eyelashes Created with mink fur hair and is cruelty free with pink highlights. You can also customize these eyelashes and sell them with your own logo. You can be the customer and or business owner. It is a great idea to wear these eyelashes first befo