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Natasha Denona Love Face Palette

  Natasha Denona’s Love Face Eyeshadow and Cheek Essential Palette is on our top-must-have sets available today. Many times, while looking at dozens of makeup palettes, few have an all over face appeal for those of us who need to apply makeup quickly before work. It’s definitely essential and beautiful for this season. Containing buttery-soft eyeshadows in creamy matte and metallic finishes, this palette also includes a new sparkling foiled eyeshadow formula in an icy vintage rose shade. Paired with a rich, taffy-pink cream blush and champagne gel-to-powder highlighter, the Love Face Palette is inspired by Natasha’s need for a do-it-all palette designed for travel or quickly make a look from day to night. With a beautiful metallic and shimmer finish, you will love everything included in this palette. It’s so fun to use and each application is fun, young, and free. While containing buttery soft eyeshadows in creamy matte and metallic finishes, it also debuts a new sparkling foiled eyesh

Lime Crime Soft Touch Lipstick

  Lime Crime Soft Touch Lipstick is the smoothest lipstick you will ever try on. It wonderfully glides on color that keeps the lips moist. It's very moisturizing to the point of never leaving the lips chapped. Paraben and cruelty-free, the lipstick speaks for itself with an amazing line of sixteen shades making cloud 9 a sensational favorite. There are so many lipstick brands on the market and many makeup lines claim to succeed with creating bestselling lipsticks. However, some are not moisturizing, and others can leave the chapped. What makes Lime Crime’s Soft Touch Lipstick unique is that it’s a healthy all-day wear lipstick. It’s so smooth, it doesn’t feel like you have lipstick on. Their Sunset Dance, strawberry red lipstick is so beautiful after applying it on. It’s one of the most perfect red colors I’ve ever seen. So, on top of finding this perfect lipstick, you can have this perfect shade of red. Also, their perfect Fuchsia Flare is a perfect, bright fuchsia that is an amaz

Half Magic Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint + Eyeliner

  Named the best way to apply eye makeup and keep in on throughout the day, Half Magic’s Chromaddiction Matte Eye Paint + Eyeliner will give you an amazing look. This intensely saturated liquid eye shadow doubles as an eyeliner and is perfect for all-over color. If you’ve ever dealt with shades that appear rich in color but after applying it, the eyeshadow is much lighter than it appeared to be. You can say good-bye to off balance, shy shades that don’t deliver a beautiful finish as they said they would. Expect perfectly finish tones with Half Magic’s eye paint. It also has a twenty-four-hour waterproof color that stays all day. It is completely smudge-proof and while attending an engagement or reading a book as those tears begin to fall, your eye paint will stay after the most tearful moments. This eye paint is very simple to use, and it can be applied with another shade for more definition. For example, you can apply it directly on your lids using the flat edge of the applicator for

GXVE Check My Glow Illuminating Highlighter

  GXVE Check My Glow Illuminating Highlighter is a weightless, creamy highlighter that blends in seamlessly for a filtered, multidimensional glow that lasts. If you want that extra glow this highlighter palette is the answer. Some say there’s no way Gwen Stefani could create a perfect makeup line and it’s true she did and did it well. Check My Glow is very popular in the cosmetic world and if you need that special touch...GXVE Check My Glow is the right product to give you the perfect look. It’s perfectly vegan and cruelty-free, with a gradient of shimmering, creamy powders ranging from subtle satin to show-stopping holographic creates a perfect flattering glow. The silky-smooth formula melts into skin, diffusing light for a lit-from-within, radiant highlight. These multidimensional pigments can be worn on the face, body, or eyes. All you need is a fluffy brush to blend across your cheekbones, brow bone, and the tip of your nose. You can also build more to create that desired look. Y

NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation

  NARS Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation is an advanced makeup-skincare-hybrid foundation with a natural finish that quickly blurs and smooths while visibly improving your skin’s clarity. If you ever need a new foundation that brightens the skin and improves its healthy appearance over time, this product from NARS is the one. So many women complain about not having the right complexion applied to their skin and said they gave up using foundation because it appeared smeared and uneven. Finding the right foundation is key to brightening your appearance and removing blemishes is part of that plan. It’s embarrassing to have the wrong shade applied to the face and having others point at that flaw is worse than asking them if your makeup looked good. Your either light, medium, medium deep or deep and your complexion must be one of these shades. You can visit a beauty boutique to find out which color is right for you. If a consultant hands you the wrong shade, it is necessary to

Nightmare Before Christmas 5pc Mini Set

  Nightmare Before Christmas 5pc Mini Set    It is a wonderful gift to give to Nightmare Before Christmas fans. If you need the perfect way to remove makeup from your face this makeup eraser is the perfect solution. Going back a few paces to the film, the idea was to do good and give perfect gifts to young girls and boys. That particular Christmas went wrong with scary toys that haunted excited girls and boys. This gift is the opposite because it helps to clean the face from all makeup residues. If you need extra help removing makeup from the eyes, this makeup eraser will do just that. I’ve personally used a chemical makeup remover that helped just a bit and I had to keep adding more solution to the cotton ball. This season you can give the wonderful gift of no more makeup residue and yeah to completely having makeup removed properly from the face. You can erase all makeup with JUST Water! Including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, & more! And it is machine was

10 Best Body Wash

  Today there are way more Body Wash products to choose from and though having multiple items is great, there’s some out on shelves that cause dryness and itchy skin. Looking for the perfect vegan and cruelty free wash is the perfect way to leave the shower moisturized and clean. I personally have my favorites and so do you however after use with some of the suds cleaners leaves skin so dry you need multiple bodles of lotion to cure the dryness. The perfect body wash has healthy, vegan properties that goes well with your body’s PH and is a quality without making the skin dry. A great one is moisturizing and clean. Every ingredient is good for the body. First things first, wash in look warm water and avoid hot beyond hot water. The hot water can cause skin drying and you won’t like the result especially after leaving the shower. Here’s a list of the best ten body washes that will make you stress free and clean. 1. Bliss World Lemon & Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash If you ever applied le

MERIT Solo Shadow Cream-to-Powder Soft Matte Eyeshadow

  MERIT Beauty Solo Shadow is a buildable cream-to-powder shadow for a soft-matte finish. If you’re tired of shadow smudges and want something that remains on the eyes after the first application, this amazing single shadow is the right choice for you. It creates a sheer wash of color that can be layered for added depth. It’s also a blendable formula has a soft matte finish without creasing or fallout. This eyeshadow is best applied with your finger or their number two brush. You’ll be amazed with the finish on your eyelid and upper eye area! Thankfully, you are free to apply your favorite shadows as wonderful eyeliner as well and it gently stays there. MERIT Beauty’s Solo Shadow is made with antioxidant-rich chamomile and calendula extracts to help to soothe the eye area. Magnolia bark extract helps to smooth the appearance of skin. Peptides help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. And sunflower seed oil helps to nourish skin. Also, if you’ve suffered from makeup breakouts and

Rude Cosmetics the Spell Book Smooth and Blendable Eyeshadow Palette

  Rude Cosmetics always thinks out of the box with their amazing makeup line and today it became more fun with their Spell Book Smooth and Blendable Eyeshadow Palette. If you ever had fun with kids' makeup, you would find the palette more fun with their amazing shades of their elements of spells- concerning makeup that is. It comes in fine amazing eyeshadows that will make your eyes look amazing so people will notice the difference. You will gain the Lust Spell Book with Midnight, Romance, Psychic, Fate, Supernatural, Hex, Witchy, Love Potion, and Eclipse. With all nine you will be thrilled with the finishing look you can create with all these shades. Supernatural and Witchy blend well together along with Eclipse. There’s no wrong way at this especially when you are feeling cheerful and happy for love itself. A great new way to say I love you with a magical eyeshadow fix that looks so remarkable people will think a professional created those looks. There are also other spell books

Made by Mitchell Colour Case Cosmetic Paint Palette and Brush Set

  The Colour Case Palette has twelve bright and fabulous shades for you to play with. It’s about time there’s something new in the world of makeup. Made by Mitchell palette has bright shades you can mix or apply with one to three shades you will enjoy using. You can apply it on the back of your hand and mix with the consistency you are looking for. It’s one of its kind. You can create a bright hue of blues and pinks. The standard is creamy and delightful and it's smooth to touch. The creamy consistency stays on the face and while applying it you will be happy with its smoothness. A great way to start your day and an awesome way to have fun in the evenings. It’s a multi-use palette! It dries in a matte finish; therefore, you won’t have problems with smudges and discoloration. A fun and happy way to apply makeup. You can create bright oranges to a lime shade in the background and switch the shades however you like. Hopefully, you will be happy with this awesome makeup discovery and

Lancome L'Absolu Rouge Matte Lipstick

  Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Matte Lipstick resembles one of the most famous sculptures at the Louvre Museum – Venus de Milo. The collection resembles beautiful art at the world's most famous museum. I personally had the privilege of visiting Paris and going to the Louvre. The museum had the Mona Lisa there and the Venus De Milo sculpture! It was overly crowded; however, I was able to see both the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. What’s so exciting about this collection from Lancome is the idea of creating a rouge that resembles famous art pieces. It’s unique in applying the sculpture on the cap and it has a beautiful art design on the tube of lipstick. The Louvre Collection is a limited edition you should add to your makeup routine. The French Touch, French Tea, French Drama, and Celestial Rose are the four amazing shades of beautiful rouge available. Today, French Drama is sold-out. French Touch is a pretty red base of color. If you love red this shade is for you. This matte lips

The Lancome Richelieu Wing Palette

The Richelieu Wing color palette combines an illuminating highlighter powder with four high-pigment shades of eyeshadow. The limited-edition makeup palette is designed by Lisa Eldridge and celebrates the sculpture of Corinne, a Greek poetess of the 5th century BC housed in the Richelieu Wing of the Louvre. And if you’ve ever visited Paris and experienced a walk around the Louvre Museum, this palette resembles the amazing marble statues. It’s purely chic and amazing with their face highlighter and eye shadow palette...Where shades are powered by Prisma Technology for ultimate color impact and shimmer. Each shade takes its name from a different part of the Richelieu wing of the Louvre Musuem. For example, the shade Peridot is inspired by the Cour Puget; to the copper light Cour Carrée; the marble shade of the Cour Marly to the pink shade of the Royal Palace. So, you have Richelieu Galerie Light, Cour Puget Peridot, Cour Corree Copper Light, Cour Marly Marble, and Royal Palace Pink. It’s

Lethal Cosmetics Quest Spire Lipstick

  Lethal Cosmetics is a new discovery for many makeup fans in the world and their amazing Spire Lipsticks is a new sensational thrill among hundreds of others. Their shade called Quest should have been part of the last post written titled 40 Best Beautifying Nude Lipsticks because this shade resembles a nude resemblance when applied to the lips. It’s a very moisturizing lipstick because it is packed with botanical waxes and oils, and this amazing lipstick combines rich pigmentation and long wear-time with pretty comfort. So, when ladies discover the name is Lethal, they wonder if it’s a good or bad thing. In the realm of cosmetics, it is a good thing because they are vegan and cruelty free. So, while each tube of lipstick was made, they had your natural needs in mind. Made with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E, Spire Lipsticks solves transfer and drying issues because it is very moisturizing and the dryness on your lips will be gone, and each application becomes less over time since it is lo

about - face Fractal Glitter Lip Color

  About – Face's Fractal Glitter Lip Color is a Shimmering Liquid Lipstick you will enjoy using this season. It is a supple, long-lasting, shimmering lip color that makes your lips center stage throughout the day. It has a light reflective sparkle that really shows in the sunlight. I’ve recently used glitter lipstick, but it was more like a gel base that sparkled and changed colors after applying it. There are many glitter lipsticks out there, however they lack color, and it looks more like lip gloss and not lipstick. With understanding what liquid lipstick is...About - Face settles the score and proves there such a thing as glitter color that lasts a long while. If a person walks up to you and says your lips sparkle with divine color, it makes it true. This liquid lipstick is waterproof resistant and transfer resistant. You can find this product online and through amazon and About – Face. Unfortunately, that’s it even though Ulta has some of their products available. They still

Kristin Ess Hair - Signature Shampoo

  Kristin Ess Hair has the most amazing Signature Shampoo because it's an extra gentile shampoo for sensitive skin, scalp, and sulfate free. Gone are the days of dry, itchy scalp. If there’s flaking, dryness and split ends this is the answer that will fix every hair problem. Wrong shampoos can cause hair loss and color loss. If you’ve asked your hairdresser for advice and they choose the shampoo on the salon counter and the problem hasn’t' been cured, earnings are more important than healthy hair. This shampoo moisturizes hair while being washed and dried. It’s extra special for sensitive skin and scalp, and you will love the results after your first try. It gently removes impurities without stripping the hair of its natural oils. And it is the best nourishing and calming shampoo today. This Signature shampoo leaves hair soft, shiny, and perfectly clean. The creator formulated this special formula for sensitive skin and scalps Kristin Ess Hair shampoo is safe for daily use a

10 Best Setting Sprays

  A good setting spray can be applied before and after you apply makeup on your face. The goal is to keep your makeup fresh all day every day. It’s also best to use a safe and cruel free setting spray on the skin. If you have matte lipstick, it will be smear free for several hours after using a good setting free. And is you had an application of eyeshadow; it will keep the color safely on the eyes. Or how about the bronzer that set itself on the skin...It will remain beautifully set on your skin. I personally enjoy using a fresh setting spray on and after my personal application of makeup products. Try spraying the setting spray before and after using makeup. It helps keep your face safely appearing on the face and if you can look carefully on the side, you applied blush. If it smeared it’s not a real handy setting spray, and if the blush remains this is exactly what you are looking for. However, this is a great way to try a fabulous setting spray...One that promises to keep your mak