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10 Best Makeup Contouring Kits

  You can achieve a fabulous look within an hour of using a contouring kit verses plastic surgery. The purpose of contouring the face is to brighten and deepen your new look without using painful procedures. After finishing the look, you desire...Compliments like, “who did your makeup,” and “How did you create that look,” are questions received after achieving that amazing look. From left to right on the forehead and increased shade around the checks, all the way to the areas of the nose and eyes are divided between light and warm shading. Learning how to use each kit is simple after following directions inside the kit. Thankfully, you can use an influencers technique and become a pro after the first or second try. After, desiring that perfect look, many women suffer from doubting they can achieve the look on their own. Look is so beautiful and intimidating at the same time, causing one to think it’s a difficult task. The truth is contouring is very simple and having the right tools i

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Perfect Your Brows Kit - Ebony

  If you’ve used many eyebrow kits recently you should know about Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Your Brows Kit . After using arching techniques and kits, I personally allowed the shape of my brows to grow in the areas that have been arched. I also hired a person to thread them and loved the results but that was some time ago. For one to achieve the perfect look, this Perfect Your Brows Kit will help anyone achieve this. The kit can be used by non-archers and those who continue to arch their brows. This is the perfect mistake proof kit. And if you’ve had arching done and can’t stand the way your eyebrows look, use this amazing kit to fix those horrifying areas on the face. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Your Brows Kit brings together two can’t-live-without brow products for creating natural looking, detailed brows. This limited-edition, travel-ready kit includes 1 mini DIPBROW Gel and 1 full-size Brow Wiz, so you can craft the perfect set of eyebrows in a flash. Start with travel-si

Anastasia Beverly Hills Satin Lipstick

  Some say the best way to shop in Beverly Hills is to visit the local Cartier boutique and others say Anastasia Beverly is their best way to shop for beautifying makeup. Anastasis Beverly Hills Satin Lipstick is available in five amazing shades. Its application is smooth and soothing and will give you beautiful lips in a flash that will last.

Top 10 Purple Lipsticks this Season

Of course, red lipstick is the most popular shade of rouge and there’s many different shades of red to enjoy wearing. However, you can’t avoid the fact that purple lipstick is the second most popular shade! It’s now a new fashion trend to try purple, pink, tan, and black lipsticks. Purple lipstick helps your complexion look brighter and more beautiful. I’ve tried several of the shades and became addicted to purple shades of lipstick. Purple lipstick is fun to wear and now you can enjoy the moisture quality of new lipsticks. The goal is to have high moisturizing and long-wearing lipstick.  If you are wearing purple at work or out in town...The right lipstick shade will help finish your new look. P For Potent Powder Kiss Lipstick This mid-tone purple lipstick from MAC Cosmetics is the perfect shade that will last you all day long. It has a moisturizing formula of weightless moisture that glides on smoothly and beautifully. This lipstick is on MAC's bestselling lists.  Yves Saint Laur

18 Best Foundation and Concealer Cosmetics

  Finding the right foundation and concealer makeup can be a simple task once you’ve became a pro with finding the right shade.  Several years ago I purchased foundation from a consultant…It was the wrong color for my complexion.  I went to the mall and looked at the store’s mirror, my face showed an uneven skin tone.  No wonder why the sales lady held in her laugh…She was laughing at the cakey mess I made using the wrong foundation.    My mother warned me of the reasons why I shouldn’t wear foundation, “some women don’t need it,” she said.  Many said foundation shows wrinkles on your skin.  Personally, I made the decision to find the right makeup for my complexion.  I went to Ulta and the sales woman introduced me to Clinique’s Chubby in the Nude foundation stick.  After five years of using this wonderful foundation, I finally had a sample of color that looks like I didn’t have foundation on.  I looked natural without blemishes. Because of time and need for something that works, use n