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Beyonce's New American Flag Nail Art

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) Beyonce looks amazing with her plaid top, shorts and boots. Her new American Flag nail art is pretty fancy and could have taken sometime to finish. It goes well with her new look for the day. It's been sometime for me, personally to have my nails done. I can't say I was far to busy because Beyonce is always busy and had time for nail care. This look is so chic and amazing. She looks like she's ready for the stage.  Her album is a must have this year and everyone is talking about grabbing their copy!  Do tell if you were able to wait in that long line to receive your signed copy.  Her horse theme is really cool and it's amazing how she loves to ride horses even though people said this photo isn't of her riding a real horse. Whatever! It's still a cool advertising for her new songs and anything western does seem to have that pro American hotness.  View this post on Instag

Beyonce Cé Noir Parfum - The Best is Yet to Come

  If you missed the concert you don’t have to miss receiving your Cé Noir Eau de Parfum by Beyonce! A few months ago, my daughter was able to attend Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour and I was told it was fun and amazing. However, I did attend Beyonce’s Formation Concert in London- long story and I believed it was the best concert ever until I saw the Renaissance Tour on Youtube. I know I’m a bit off in the subject of the perfume, and I understand this isn’t a concert review and I get that, but I can’t tell you how Cé Noir smells because it won’t be available until November...Great timing for Christmas. According to Fragrantica it has a white floral, rose, amber, citrus, sweet, honey, and animalic scent. So, if you love the rosy, citrus scents, Cé Noir will live up to your expectations. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) Look forward to receiving your Cé Noir Eau de Parfum soon this year and this is if there are plenty of bottles to go ar