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Pink Honey Bronzing Face Frosting

  Pink Honey’s Bronzing Face Frosting is the new must have cream bronzer and it’s the talk of the town. Created and developed for all skin types, this cream bronzer glides and blends into the skin effortlessly to give a seamless full coverage application. For a glowy smooth finish, this is your new makeup must-have. Cream bronzers deserve some praise from makeup fans everywhere because its smooth consistency is wonderful for the skin and makes the face feel more comfortable and moisturized. I’ve personally tried a lot of powdery bronzers and they left the skin dry and horribly uncomfortable. If it's not a clan matte finish, forget about using it every day. The face needs moisture and the Bronzing Face Frosting delivers all of this. It glides on smoothly and it makes you want more every day. To create a wonderful look, pick up a small amount of product and apply using light pressure to areas you want to add warmth and definition like the cheekbones, temples, forehead, neck, and jaw