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Charlotte Tilbury Fragrance Collection

OK, so today I went to Sephora and discovered Charlotte Tilbury's collection of perfumes and purchased the sample set of perfumes. I believe they all smell amazing and refreshing for this season of delightful fragrances. She really created something new in the world of perfumes and I read what additives created her signature fragrance Cosmic Power and it was launched this year. The reason I'm talking about this now is because I discovered it from shopping at Sephora today and I've been away for some time.  I read several reviews on this line of perfumes, and some believe Cosmic Power is to strong and not pleasant enough. Some scents smell stronger than a pretty rose fragrance and I believe this was the idea of what she wanted in fragrances that works for everyone. For example, I remember one of Tom Ford's cologne's and believed it was so different a guy told me he loved the cologne. Everyone is different when it comes to their personal fragrance.  For those who love

10 Best Makeup Contouring Kits

  You can achieve a fabulous look within an hour of using a contouring kit verses plastic surgery. The purpose of contouring the face is to brighten and deepen your new look without using painful procedures. After finishing the look, you desire...Compliments like, “who did your makeup,” and “How did you create that look,” are questions received after achieving that amazing look. From left to right on the forehead and increased shade around the checks, all the way to the areas of the nose and eyes are divided between light and warm shading. Learning how to use each kit is simple after following directions inside the kit. Thankfully, you can use an influencers technique and become a pro after the first or second try. After, desiring that perfect look, many women suffer from doubting they can achieve the look on their own. Look is so beautiful and intimidating at the same time, causing one to think it’s a difficult task. The truth is contouring is very simple and having the right tools i

10 Best Setting Sprays

  A good setting spray can be applied before and after you apply makeup on your face. The goal is to keep your makeup fresh all day every day. It’s also best to use a safe and cruel free setting spray on the skin. If you have matte lipstick, it will be smear free for several hours after using a good setting free. And is you had an application of eyeshadow; it will keep the color safely on the eyes. Or how about the bronzer that set itself on the skin...It will remain beautifully set on your skin. I personally enjoy using a fresh setting spray on and after my personal application of makeup products. Try spraying the setting spray before and after using makeup. It helps keep your face safely appearing on the face and if you can look carefully on the side, you applied blush. If it smeared it’s not a real handy setting spray, and if the blush remains this is exactly what you are looking for. However, this is a great way to try a fabulous setting spray...One that promises to keep your mak

Disney 100 X Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection

  Charlotte Tilbury's new collection is young and playful with Tinker Bell at its center...You will love this limited edition of everything perfect and new.  With billions of Disney fans in the world, it won’t be a surprise this campaign of Tinker Bell and fairy dust will help you enjoy a beautifying experience with this amazing makeup line. There’s been so many Disney collections in the past...The promotions did well for their season of creating superb, limited-edition makeup lines. This is a great way to keep fans wanting more, especially when magic cream is involved. If you want and need improvements with your skin, Charlotte’s Magic Cream will give you perfect skin and confidence. It improves the texture and smoothness of the skin, and it also erases the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a fun way to stay youthful every day. This collection was also created to celebrate 100 years of Disney and 10 magical years of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty; you will discover Charlotte Tilbury

10 Best Pretty Pink Lip Glosses

  Pretty pink lip glosses are part of my personal makeup collection and I owe it to always wanting something pink. Today, there’s more glosses to choose from and this makes it more exciting to have more different shades of pink. For example, the pink lip glasses by Mac Cosmetics, have seven different shades of pink and they’re very glossy. When finding pink lip glosses, it’s important to know the texture of the product. Pink can be great for many looks; however, the liquid texture of glosses can be difficult to wear if the application is far too liquidly loose on the lips. Therefore, it’s important to try before you buy. The cosmetic industry found a way to make the perfect texture of glosses by using the same formula used in lipsticks...Now liquid lipsticks are becoming more popular. The perfect lip gloss might have plumping formulas that have a simpler and smoother application. The new glosses that are admired last longer on the lips and they can now stay up to eight hours. Knowing

40 Best Beautifying Nude Lipsticks

  There are perfect shades of nude lipstick that gives you the perfect soft look. If you’ve ever seen a beautiful face that has little to no makeup...It’s called the natural look. There are cosmetics that are so light and perfectly natural that give you a wonderful clear look. Nude lipsticks are easier to find these days because the clear face is a popular look today. Soft blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows and lipsticks are a few minutes away from your hand. And you can create your own natural look today. Nude lipstick helps you create a natural look on the face with sheer blush and warm eyeshadows. You can create a natural nude collection of lipsticks that are soothing and beautifying on the face. Along with popular red, rosy shades, nude lipsticks is just as bold and soft as these famous colors. If you want a look that increases your natural beauty, these forty shades will help you accomplish that. 1. COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Tempting Toffee Lipstick  This lipstick offers rich colors an