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Ciaté London Smiley 50 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Ciaté London has a lot to smile and celebrate...And it’s amazing how much more smiles appear on the faces of their fans. This cute Smiley Eyeshadow Palette comes with six different shades that can complement the eyes. Simple applications will make the face look brighter and cheerful. This palette will make you smile. You’ve probably seen or warn a smiley face T-shirt or had a set of earrings with the smiley face or fun rings, shoes, bracelets, etc. Now you can collect this successful eyeshadow palette, and keep it with a smiley. This is celebrating fifty years of this amazing smile and you can enjoy it today. Just apply the shadow with your favorite eyeshadow brush and create different looks with all six shades. You can create a light smokey eye with a complete finish with eyeliner and mascara. You can also touch up on the face with Ciaté’s liquid blush- we talked recently about this lovely product. A touch of rouge will give you the perfect finish.