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Ciaté London Dewy Blush

 For some time I've discovered some fascinating makeup brands from IPSY membership and one of them is Ciaté London. Today, I used the Ciaté London Dewy Liquid Blush and I love how it easily glides on the face. I used it on my cheek bones and had this perfect pink rouge on my face. Another product I used was one of their bronzers and I became addicted to its perfect application.   It’s a definite dewy blush that comes in a cute, little tube of perfection. I used my fingertips to apply the dewy blush to the face. Later I will use a makeup sponge. It wasn’t messy at all and it was easy to use with a dot here and a dot there and I glided the rouge onto the corners of by cheeks. It made my face brighter with a perfect amount of color. A great blush with five stars reviews .   There's makeup brands that have it and some that are perfect beyond complexion and that's Ciaté London. I'll personally use more products from their collection of must have products.