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Made by Mitchell Colour Case Cosmetic Paint Palette and Brush Set

  The Colour Case Palette has twelve bright and fabulous shades for you to play with. It’s about time there’s something new in the world of makeup. Made by Mitchell palette has bright shades you can mix or apply with one to three shades you will enjoy using. You can apply it on the back of your hand and mix with the consistency you are looking for. It’s one of its kind. You can create a bright hue of blues and pinks. The standard is creamy and delightful and it's smooth to touch. The creamy consistency stays on the face and while applying it you will be happy with its smoothness. A great way to start your day and an awesome way to have fun in the evenings. It’s a multi-use palette! It dries in a matte finish; therefore, you won’t have problems with smudges and discoloration. A fun and happy way to apply makeup. You can create bright oranges to a lime shade in the background and switch the shades however you like. Hopefully, you will be happy with this awesome makeup discovery and