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Doll 10 - Doll Vault Lip Rouge Lipstick

  OK so I know it's been some time since I’ve written about lipstick and it’s a true topic that’s making a comeback. Today, I want to introduce Doll 10’s Doll Vault Lip Rouge Lipstick! Though we’ve discovered liquid lipstick and love how it makes the lips shine with the gloss additive, this lipstick doesn’t fall short from that...The reality is Lip Rouge is a wonderful brand that makes the lips shine with a lot of love. Naturally made and naturally good Doll 10’s Doll Vault Lip Rouge Lipstick is a perfect perfection that your lips need day to day. I could find something elsewhere but there’s only one rouge that makes me happy and it’s this one. There’s thirteen amazing shades and Need a Vacation is one of them. A great color that does resemble something you should wear on the beach. What everyone is after is the creamy sensation that comes from each tube. The tube of lipstick holds natural ingredients inside and it gives superb moisture you will positively love. Made with natura