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One/Size Cosmetics Lip Snatcher Review

  If you ever heard one/size fits all well that’s what I have to say about One/Size by Patrick Starrr beauty cosmetics. Today, I will give an honest review on the one/size Lip Snatcher because that’s exactly what it is...It will snatch your lips and make them beautiful all around! So tonight, I went to Sephora not expecting to see something I’ve never seen before and yes, I came by the One/Size Lip Snatcher counter wondering if it was just a simple thread of everything original and nope, it is one-of-a-kind makeup for the lips! So, there’s matte liquid lipstick and the amazing lip gloss on the other side of this tube. So applied the liquid lipstick and then added some lips gloss to keep the lips moist. It feels amazing on top of the matte liquid lipstick, and I had to stop myself from applying too much. After applying I went into Starbucks and ordered lemonade because it’s so hot outside. Thankfully, the lipstick and lip gloss are still on my lips while drinking their amazing drink.