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10 Best Natural Hair Care Products - for Curly Hair

  Finding the best natural hair products for curly hair is so easy to find these days and it’s a healthier choice for your scalp and natural curls.  I’ve been natural for nearly nine years and made the mistake with going back to relaxers…Finding that natural is the better, healthier choice for my hair.  So, after several years of seeing the difference in healthier strands, I chose several products that helps moisturize my hair the healthier way. It’s important that your hair grows during this stage of natural choices.  You don’t want to weigh your hair down with heavy grease, using heavy oils and grease slows hair growth.  Remember on the Oprah Winfrey show, there was a woman who spoke to truth about grease and heavy oils.  The audience booed her response.  Years after watching that episode, I discovered what she said is very true. Later I read a book written by Oprah’s hair stylist…He said water moisturizes hair.  Therefore, it’s better to wash your hair everyday if possible.  Recentl