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Pixi Hello Kitty Eye Effects Eyeshadow Palette

  The Pixi Hello Kitty Eye Effects palette comes with nine eyeshadows that help your eyes shimmer and glow. A great new eyeshadow palette that’s Hello Kitty amazing. You can create many cheerful looks with this palette. You can become a true artist with these amazing shadows. Hello Kitty is known for her cuteness and amazing style and this product represents that entirely. I remember seeing a Hello Kitty in a kimono and she was rocking this Japanese style dress. Now you can enjoy Kitty’s representation of beauty. You can’t go wrong with this eyeshadow palette. And you can become a pro with these looks on your eyelids. The shimmering effect is very desirable and cute to behold. The palette shows Hello Kitty’s bow around the bottom of three shades, perhaps it resembles the truth these shades must go together or perhaps you can pick colors from left to right or right to left. It’s adorable. Apply the shadows with a soft makeup brush and choose two-three shadows that blend well. The purple

40 Best Beautifying Nude Lipsticks

  There are perfect shades of nude lipstick that gives you the perfect soft look. If you’ve ever seen a beautiful face that has little to no makeup...It’s called the natural look. There are cosmetics that are so light and perfectly natural that give you a wonderful clear look. Nude lipsticks are easier to find these days because the clear face is a popular look today. Soft blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows and lipsticks are a few minutes away from your hand. And you can create your own natural look today. Nude lipstick helps you create a natural look on the face with sheer blush and warm eyeshadows. You can create a natural nude collection of lipsticks that are soothing and beautifying on the face. Along with popular red, rosy shades, nude lipsticks is just as bold and soft as these famous colors. If you want a look that increases your natural beauty, these forty shades will help you accomplish that. 1. COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Tempting Toffee Lipstick  This lipstick offers rich colors an

PIXI Beauty Hello Kitty Hydrating Milky Mist

  Whether you’ve been introduced to PIXI Beauty or not, the secret is out on their new Hello Kitty Hydrating Milky Mist. If you’ve had mist before and used several for a few years, some hydrates and others dry the skin. This milky mist will hydrate the skin leaving it moisturized and soothing. The addition of hyaluronic acid is the ingredient that will increase the hydration on the skin. This hydrating milky mist is the secret to perfect skin.