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Anastasia Beverly Hills - Perfect Your Brows Kit - Ebony

  If you’ve used many eyebrow kits recently you should know about Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Your Brows Kit . After using arching techniques and kits, I personally allowed the shape of my brows to grow in the areas that have been arched. I also hired a person to thread them and loved the results but that was some time ago. For one to achieve the perfect look, this Perfect Your Brows Kit will help anyone achieve this. The kit can be used by non-archers and those who continue to arch their brows. This is the perfect mistake proof kit. And if you’ve had arching done and can’t stand the way your eyebrows look, use this amazing kit to fix those horrifying areas on the face. Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Your Brows Kit brings together two can’t-live-without brow products for creating natural looking, detailed brows. This limited-edition, travel-ready kit includes 1 mini DIPBROW Gel and 1 full-size Brow Wiz, so you can craft the perfect set of eyebrows in a flash. Start with travel-si