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10 Best Setting Sprays

  A good setting spray can be applied before and after you apply makeup on your face. The goal is to keep your makeup fresh all day every day. It’s also best to use a safe and cruel free setting spray on the skin. If you have matte lipstick, it will be smear free for several hours after using a good setting free. And is you had an application of eyeshadow; it will keep the color safely on the eyes. Or how about the bronzer that set itself on the skin...It will remain beautifully set on your skin. I personally enjoy using a fresh setting spray on and after my personal application of makeup products. Try spraying the setting spray before and after using makeup. It helps keep your face safely appearing on the face and if you can look carefully on the side, you applied blush. If it smeared it’s not a real handy setting spray, and if the blush remains this is exactly what you are looking for. However, this is a great way to try a fabulous setting spray...One that promises to keep your mak

Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter

  The perfect bronzer gives everything to the face and so does Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter. It’s An innovative powder highlighter that gives skin an instant glass-like sheen for an easy, natural-looking glow that lasts. And everywhere I’ve looked this product is almost completely sold out. One shade that is available is Flaunt. Then I went to their website, and it’s now restocked. It has the ultra-glass glow you’ve been looking for, and this compact gives you smooth and reflective skin. The gleam from this bronzer lasts all day and it is truly effective when applied properly. Use a soft brush and start applying it around the cheeks and under the eyes if you like. Its unique semi-sheer base is formulated with ultra smooth, prismatic micro shimmers that blend smoothly in your skin that enhances a range of skin tones. This is a very fun product to use because you can apply the all-day shimmer look without fault or mistake. It’s a wonderful soft and weightless bronz