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The Lancome Richelieu Wing Palette

The Richelieu Wing color palette combines an illuminating highlighter powder with four high-pigment shades of eyeshadow. The limited-edition makeup palette is designed by Lisa Eldridge and celebrates the sculpture of Corinne, a Greek poetess of the 5th century BC housed in the Richelieu Wing of the Louvre. And if you’ve ever visited Paris and experienced a walk around the Louvre Museum, this palette resembles the amazing marble statues. It’s purely chic and amazing with their face highlighter and eye shadow palette...Where shades are powered by Prisma Technology for ultimate color impact and shimmer. Each shade takes its name from a different part of the Richelieu wing of the Louvre Musuem. For example, the shade Peridot is inspired by the Cour Puget; to the copper light Cour Carrée; the marble shade of the Cour Marly to the pink shade of the Royal Palace. So, you have Richelieu Galerie Light, Cour Puget Peridot, Cour Corree Copper Light, Cour Marly Marble, and Royal Palace Pink. It’s