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Lime Crime Soft Touch Lipstick

  Lime Crime Soft Touch Lipstick is the smoothest lipstick you will ever try on. It wonderfully glides on color that keeps the lips moist. It's very moisturizing to the point of never leaving the lips chapped. Paraben and cruelty-free, the lipstick speaks for itself with an amazing line of sixteen shades making cloud 9 a sensational favorite. There are so many lipstick brands on the market and many makeup lines claim to succeed with creating bestselling lipsticks. However, some are not moisturizing, and others can leave the chapped. What makes Lime Crime’s Soft Touch Lipstick unique is that it’s a healthy all-day wear lipstick. It’s so smooth, it doesn’t feel like you have lipstick on. Their Sunset Dance, strawberry red lipstick is so beautiful after applying it on. It’s one of the most perfect red colors I’ve ever seen. So, on top of finding this perfect lipstick, you can have this perfect shade of red. Also, their perfect Fuchsia Flare is a perfect, bright fuchsia that is an amaz