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Tom Ford Soleil Lip Blush

  Tom Ford’s Soleil Lip Blush is a lip blush that imparts a sheer veil onto lips and then transforms into a sultry, personalized pink stain based on your own unique skin ph. What makes this different is the shade comes from your own pH affair on the skin and changes colors to a light or dark pink. This is a cool way to wear makeup based on what your lips like about Soleil Lip Blush. I’ve personally tried a lot of lip blushes that change into a purple or pink shade, but I didn’t like the texture, it was just a but lost when it comes to moisturizing my lips. I had fun using three different, transforming shades that made my lips look natural. The Tom Ford’s Soleil Lip Blush does more with an all-in-one lip balm and lip stain. It changes into your own pH and personalized color. It’s a great lip blush that helps the lips look more natural and truer to your unique skin tone. Also, you will find it fun to wear while using facial foundation, blush, and eyeshadows. You can create a new look wi