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The Creme Shop's Limited-Edition Summer Beauty Box

  Limited edition Crème Shop’s Summer Beauty Box holds their bestselling products inside. It carries the influencer heart shaped box, tie dye yellow teddy headband, go bananas Brightening Banana Powder, Brilliance Glow Multi-Balm, Turmeric Gelee Mask Overnight Treatment, Cheeky Liquid Blush- Pink Velvet, Lip Oil Elixir – Flirty Fuchsia. This collection is the influencers' dream to have shipped to them and reviewed. While fall is steadily approaching, you can enjoy a touch of summer with this collection! There’s been dozens of makeup collections this season...Perhaps more than last year and this truth is great for beauty and makeup fans all over the world. Their collaboration with Hello Kitty and friends is one of the greatest we’ve seen in the makeup and cosmetic world. Each item in this collection is perfect for summer months and keeps their presentation of this warm season perfectly completed. You will definitely have fun with their facial masks and Brilliance Glow Multi-Balm! T

10 Amazing Facial Beauty Masks

There’s nothing like a wonderful, steamed facial that cleanses deep within the pores. It’s a professional spa treatment that is so relaxing and nourishing. Thankfully, you can enjoy a wonderful facial mask in the comfort of your home. I’ve tried many sheet masks and clay masks that have beautifying benefits and perfect results. The results from using the mask is healing to the skin and wonderful toning. You can brighten the skin with natural ingredients from each mask. They will reduce blemishes and leave the skin perfect and dazzling. Some masks require 10-15 minutes of use and others can be longer, the goals are to have clear skin results. You can choose a variety of sheet masks and many of them are perfectly safe to use, others can make the skin feel refreshed and others not so kind to the skin. Use masks that have natural qualities in the solution. Here are several masks you will love having in your collection of skincare. 1. Dew of the gods Claydate Healing Face Mask Luxuriousl