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UNFILTERED Beauty Co's Wake Up Call Eyeshadow Palettes

  Recently I received Unfiltered Beauty Co’s Wake Up Calle Eyeshadow Palette! The one I have is Morning Brew and later I found out they have many more to choose from. I enjoy the smoothness of the eyeshadow and used it many times before going to work. I applied the eyeshadow with my Stila makeup brush and created a beautiful golden look. The palette has four shades to create an amazing look. Morning Brew has warm shades, and they all have a soft texture. You can start a new look in the opposite direction and use the brown shade on the eyelid and apply the golden shade around the crease of the eye. And highlight above the crease with the white color. The Wake Up Call eyeshadow palette is small enough to carry in a makeup bag and great to travel with. Unfiltered Beauty Co is a cruelty-free company, and their products are amazing to use with perfect shades and soft to touch. I personally give this eyeshadow palette five stars with hope they will start a new foundation product. They also