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How to Organize Your Dirty Laundry - Full Week Schedule

  Whether or not you have a full-time job, there’s always a way to organize your dirty laundry this week.  Try noticing each laundry basket as the days go by.  Is it overflowing or is the dirty clothes ready for a large or normal medium wash, and when is the best time to wash the clothes.         Do you work weekends night or day? For example…My personal laundry days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Your laundry can probably be done on Monday, Friday, and Sunday.  Again, it is about timing and the perfect day for chores.           Today, is a Wednesday and because of certain changes, I had to finish laundry.  I set the washer on large and cold water, again this is my colored clothes.  I’ll wait for the cycle to finish and placed the finished clothes in the dryer and place the white clothes in the washer.           There are times when I use both liquid softener and softener sheets.  If colored clothes, say like pants, has wrinkles, I will iron them. Dry cleaners are the best