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beautyblender Beary Flawless Blend & Cleanse Set

  If two go together it’s Beautyblender’s Beary Flawless Blend and Cleanse Set that helps your sponge and tools look amazing. This product is for brushes, sponges and curlers. A great finish that helps you clean makeup off your tools and sets in comfortable, soft foam that makes your sponge super clean. This cute bear addition to your cleansing routine will help you maintain a new way to cleanse the sponges and keep it free from makeup and germs. You can now get away from a huge bar of soap and harsh vinegar that leaves the tools ruined, broken and cracked. A new way of cleaning with the bear is so easy you will love the results. Using a bar of soap that isn’t meant to cleans makeup from the sponge can be dangerous to your tools. Something soft and smoother to touch is what you need. The sponge will be cleansed and sparkling new. You will finally have a cleaner, safter way to cleans germs and grimes from your makeup tools. This product is safe to use and will help maintain the cleann