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One/Size Cosmetics Lip Snatcher Review

  If you ever heard one/size fits all well that’s what I have to say about One/Size by Patrick Starrr beauty cosmetics. Today, I will give an honest review on the one/size Lip Snatcher because that’s exactly what it is...It will snatch your lips and make them beautiful all around! So tonight, I went to Sephora not expecting to see something I’ve never seen before and yes, I came by the One/Size Lip Snatcher counter wondering if it was just a simple thread of everything original and nope, it is one-of-a-kind makeup for the lips! So, there’s matte liquid lipstick and the amazing lip gloss on the other side of this tube. So applied the liquid lipstick and then added some lips gloss to keep the lips moist. It feels amazing on top of the matte liquid lipstick, and I had to stop myself from applying too much. After applying I went into Starbucks and ordered lemonade because it’s so hot outside. Thankfully, the lipstick and lip gloss are still on my lips while drinking their amazing drink.

10 Best Pretty Pink Lip Glosses

  Pretty pink lip glosses are part of my personal makeup collection and I owe it to always wanting something pink. Today, there’s more glosses to choose from and this makes it more exciting to have more different shades of pink. For example, the pink lip glasses by Mac Cosmetics, have seven different shades of pink and they’re very glossy. When finding pink lip glosses, it’s important to know the texture of the product. Pink can be great for many looks; however, the liquid texture of glosses can be difficult to wear if the application is far too liquidly loose on the lips. Therefore, it’s important to try before you buy. The cosmetic industry found a way to make the perfect texture of glosses by using the same formula used in lipsticks...Now liquid lipsticks are becoming more popular. The perfect lip gloss might have plumping formulas that have a simpler and smoother application. The new glosses that are admired last longer on the lips and they can now stay up to eight hours. Knowing

Terra Moons Cosmic Rebel

  Terra Moons Cosmic Rebel Lip Gloss is all it appears to be...A true cosmic adventure with makeup. Each shade will make your lips feel moisturized and shiny. It’s a real futuristic experience your lips will love to have. All of them have this amazing futuristic shade of brilliance and glamour. The swatches are excellent in appearance and each one is worth the cost. The only way to describe each lip gloss is to think of it as a unique cosmic starlight shade. They are all unique with a starry sky look and you will love how beautiful your lips appear. All you must do is swipe the liquid lip gloss on the upper and bottom lip. There are several Terra Moons lip glosses you will adore. Also, you can create a superfly look with their eyeshadows. The collection will help you achieve a unique look and both cosmetics benefit the other in great taste and brilliance. Shades are available in Cosmic Rebel, Event Horizon, Zero Rays, Alien, and Moon Dust. All the shades remind one of the cosmos and

NYX Professional Makeup FATE: The Winx Saga Fairy Lip Gloss

  The NYX Professional Makeup Fate: The Winx Saga Fairy Lip Gloss is a limited edition, translucent shiny lip gloss with micro-duochrome pearls. All shades represent six fairies and six powers that will give your lips a wonderful shine. These majestic glosses come in shades like Terra, Bloom, Terra, Aisha, Musa, Stella, and Beatrix. Each shade will keep your lips shiny and moisturized. 

Beauty Bakerie Cranberry Stiletto Matte Lip Whip

  In just one pigmented application Beauty Bakerie's Cranberry Stiletto Matte Lip Whip will improve your looks and beauty. Your lips will love the smooth all-day wear and comfort. This Matte Lip Whip comes in a variety of shades that does wonders for your complexion. A good cosmetic deal that will last you months. Long lasting wear that's waterproof and smudge proof.

HOURGLASS Cosmetics Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm

  The HOURGLASS Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm will keep your lips moisturized and brilliantly beautiful. It hydrates like a balm and plumps the lips, leaving them fuller and plumper. Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm instantly makes the lips softer and smoother throughout the day. It glides smoothly on the lips with an amazing shade of color and is a comfortable all-day wear.