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110 Best Love Quotes That Encourages True Love And Romance

  Discover many ways to declare your love with one hundred and ten love quotes.  Saying I love you comes from the heart.  If you’re in love…Those words will have meaning because its real and true.                 It’s like the special day a person meets their first love, for the first time.  Stories have proven how the immediate current of love shows up.  Sometimes a person would deny their true feelings like in the novel, “Sense and Sensibility.” They hid their love for a while and then the truth is spoken in the ear of the person there is promised to.                  Once you know you are in love, its proper to share the information to that special someone.  Or if your love has to be the given in declaration, of true love…A love quote will help you remove nervousness to say you love them.  So, love much and love more this day.  1. "Love never fails." 2. "Everlasting love is forever." 3. "I'm in love with your smile and gentle touch." 4. "Lo