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10 Best Drugstore Mascaras

  The best drugstore mascaras come with a cool lengthening solution that makes your lashes fuller and longer. Mascaras that don’t ich after drying are superb eye makeup that makes your lashes feel as though you didn’t apply mascara at all. A clean wisp of mascara is the best and those that don't feel pasty are wonderful mascara as well. Believe it or not many of these perfect mascaras are in drugstores that range from $5-$10! It’s a great way to save money and keep your eyes beautiful all day long. You’ll want mascara that lengthens the lashes in a healthy way that feels natural and clean. For example, for some time drugstore mascaras were the #1 choice for beauty fans everywhere and since the days of MAC and Urban Decay...Those same people turned to the more luxurious brands today. Though these are popular brands, luxurious doesn’t always mean perfect and drugstore brands are now more advanced and healthier to use. Let’s go through ten wonderful drugstore brands that will make you

Wet n Wild Beauty | Sesame Street Collection

Today, you can enjoy being young in heart with Wet n Wild Beauty's Sesame Street Collection. Big Bird can be remembered for his makeup brushes and eyeshadow palette! The production taught children how to count and read and write...This new world of makeup collections has all the rest created for your beauty needs.  This collection comes with the Om Nom Nom 3-Piece Multistick Kit, Tickle Me Lip Tingling Gloss, Zippity-Zap! Glitter Gel, 123 Sesame Street Eye & Face Palette, Happy to Be Me Lip Gloss in two shades, L is for Lipstick in two shades, Sesame Street 4-Piece Makeup Brush Set, Cowabunga! Eyelash Curler, and Me Want Cookie! Hand Mirror.  You can create entirely new, beautiful, look with this new set of cosmetics.