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Laura Mercier Starlight Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Lipstick Avenue is a new makeup encyclopedia for fans everywhere and today we’re happy to talk about Laura Mercier’s Starlight Dreams Eyeshadow Palette. Prepare yourself this holiday season with nine amazing colors that consists of: Celestial- Cream- Matte, Divine- Dusty Mauve- Matte, Starry Night- Deep Purple Brown- Matte, Brightest Star- Deep Champagne- Shimmer, Plum Magic- Rich Purple- Shimmer, Ethereal- Bright Champagne Gold- Shimmer, Lucky Star- Chestnut Brown- Shimmer, Stardust- Bright Baby Pink- Shimmer, and Cosmic Night- Deep Brown- Shimmer. You can have a lot of fun creating new eyeshadow looks with this palette. I believe in the rich purple and deep champagne shade. Another beautiful look consists of the Stardust – Bright Baby Pink shadow and the Cosmic Night. Make sure to add this shadow kit to your wish list of makeup this season. It’s very easy to apply these shadows for the perfect look and to apply dry: Use your favorite eyeshadow brush to pick up your chosen shade. Ta

Rude Cosmetics the Spell Book Smooth and Blendable Eyeshadow Palette

  Rude Cosmetics always thinks out of the box with their amazing makeup line and today it became more fun with their Spell Book Smooth and Blendable Eyeshadow Palette. If you ever had fun with kids' makeup, you would find the palette more fun with their amazing shades of their elements of spells- concerning makeup that is. It comes in fine amazing eyeshadows that will make your eyes look amazing so people will notice the difference. You will gain the Lust Spell Book with Midnight, Romance, Psychic, Fate, Supernatural, Hex, Witchy, Love Potion, and Eclipse. With all nine you will be thrilled with the finishing look you can create with all these shades. Supernatural and Witchy blend well together along with Eclipse. There’s no wrong way at this especially when you are feeling cheerful and happy for love itself. A great new way to say I love you with a magical eyeshadow fix that looks so remarkable people will think a professional created those looks. There are also other spell books

Tarte Cosmetics tartelette Fresh Picked Amazonian Clay Palette

  If you are looking for soft sheers and bolds in one eyeshadow palette Tarte Cosmetic's tartelette Fresh Picked Amazonian Clay Palette is the perfect one for you. There’s so many unique looks you can create with this palette. You single out the shades of choosing and you can create the amazing three shades for an extraordinary look. It has six neutral lids, and crease shades- wonderful colors you will enjoy using every day. This eyeshadow palette is still available in Tarte’s boutique and Sephora. The shimmer finish and matte finish complete an amazing tone of beautifying looks. Can we agree that this is a perfect eyeshadow palette. Tartelette is free of parabens, formaldehydes, mineral oil, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclocarban, and triclosan. It is also gluten-free and cruelty-free. It is a must for every makeup item to be cruelty-free and thankfully Tarte embraces this idea to stay natural in ingredients and style. This season is the perfect time to create a shimmer

Tarte Maneater After Dark Eyeshadow Palette

  Finding the right evening wear eyeshadow palette can be a difficult task until you’ve discovered Tarte’s Maneater After Dark eyeshadow! A great palette of nightlife wear and all shades are perfect for the most brilliant look to have. It carries eleven mattes, nine shimmers, and four sheens...It also includes warm neutrals, golds, coppers and berries for the most amazing looks.  You can create an amazing smokey eye look with this eyeshadow palette and the combination of shimmers and mattes will make a new beautiful look. The eye is the window to the soul and the outter appearance of your eyes matters most. This is a rare collection of eyeshadow shades never seen before...It’s a beautiful addition to your makeup collection and a new inspired look can be created with this palette. All you have to do is mix and match the matte & shimmer shades to create a variety of looks. And for a quick and easy soft glam look, you can buff lust into crease and blend moody into the outer corner. Al

Ciaté London Smiley 50 Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Ciaté London has a lot to smile and celebrate...And it’s amazing how much more smiles appear on the faces of their fans. This cute Smiley Eyeshadow Palette comes with six different shades that can complement the eyes. Simple applications will make the face look brighter and cheerful. This palette will make you smile. You’ve probably seen or warn a smiley face T-shirt or had a set of earrings with the smiley face or fun rings, shoes, bracelets, etc. Now you can collect this successful eyeshadow palette, and keep it with a smiley. This is celebrating fifty years of this amazing smile and you can enjoy it today. Just apply the shadow with your favorite eyeshadow brush and create different looks with all six shades. You can create a light smokey eye with a complete finish with eyeliner and mascara. You can also touch up on the face with Ciaté’s liquid blush- we talked recently about this lovely product. A touch of rouge will give you the perfect finish.

BUXOM High Spirits on the Rocks Eye and Cheek Palette

  Buxom’s High Spirits on the Rocks Eye and Cheek Palette is an all-in-one palette for eyes and cheeks featuring a NEW shade of blush and four new primer-infused shadows in matte, metallic, and satin finishes. These shades are wonderfully thought of and will help create a perfect look. A great, doable, makeup palette! Having a travel size palette is important for the times you travel and want to look your best while going out for social gatherings and parties. This palette meets your needs completely with their all-in-one palette. For example, I remember traveling from London and to the states with my rather large makeup bag and found it easier to travel with a makeup bag that had most cosmetics available in an all-in-one palette. Also, I had several plans to keep a special lipstick I’ve used for a while and was ready to try something new. I found the perfect new shades of lipstick and a perfect compact of makeup, however, I couldn’t find the perfect blush and used loose powder on my

UNFILTERED Beauty Co's Wake Up Call Eyeshadow Palettes

  Recently I received Unfiltered Beauty Co’s Wake Up Calle Eyeshadow Palette! The one I have is Morning Brew and later I found out they have many more to choose from. I enjoy the smoothness of the eyeshadow and used it many times before going to work. I applied the eyeshadow with my Stila makeup brush and created a beautiful golden look. The palette has four shades to create an amazing look. Morning Brew has warm shades, and they all have a soft texture. You can start a new look in the opposite direction and use the brown shade on the eyelid and apply the golden shade around the crease of the eye. And highlight above the crease with the white color. The Wake Up Call eyeshadow palette is small enough to carry in a makeup bag and great to travel with. Unfiltered Beauty Co is a cruelty-free company, and their products are amazing to use with perfect shades and soft to touch. I personally give this eyeshadow palette five stars with hope they will start a new foundation product. They also