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The Benefits of using Etsy Hand Made Cosmetics

  The true benefits of using Etsy handmade cosmetics are the fact they are naturally made with ingredients that’s provided to the maker and seller. With thousands of sellers of natural cosmetics, the Etsy environment has become one of the funniest online shopping experiences. I remember buying other items like earrings that were hand made by the seller. Now I’m more excited to purchase wholesome cosmetics that work just as good as famous $40 blush stick brands. When you type in the word blush, there are 279,145 results that can make your day worthwhile. Handmade soaps, bath bombs, and creams are very popular on Etsy’s platform and now you can have foundations, lipsticks, blush, pigments, glosses, powder, and so much more. The wedding gifts on Etsy are amazingly beautiful and it’s one of a kind in the beauty and makeup industry. Carol’s Daughter is famous for their amazing hair creams and shampoos, and now you can find those products in Wal-Mart and Target. If you have the desire to, y

The Difference Between Peach and Pink Blush

  I’ve had this problem before, and I know many others had this problem with their blush and its knowing when the shade of blush you purchased is peach or pink. When you hold the blush to the light, is rosy or peachy? Sometimes you can’t tell and other times you can. The surest way of knowing is when you look in the mirror and apply it to your face. The product may have cost $10-30 and yet after opening you can’t send it back after using it the first time. So, for a lucky spin on whether your blush is peach or pink. One excellent way you can determine it is with the makeup brand Benefit Cosmetics. And I said this should work because Benefit knowingly has a peach blush called Peachin Golden Peach Blush and Crystah Strawberry Pink Blush.   These two amazing blushes are very different from each other; however, they wear well and last long after each application. A great hue that doesn’t wear off. There is a difference between peach and pink while viewing both blushes. I chose to use anot

10 Best Makeup Contouring Kits

  You can achieve a fabulous look within an hour of using a contouring kit verses plastic surgery. The purpose of contouring the face is to brighten and deepen your new look without using painful procedures. After finishing the look, you desire...Compliments like, “who did your makeup,” and “How did you create that look,” are questions received after achieving that amazing look. From left to right on the forehead and increased shade around the checks, all the way to the areas of the nose and eyes are divided between light and warm shading. Learning how to use each kit is simple after following directions inside the kit. Thankfully, you can use an influencers technique and become a pro after the first or second try. After, desiring that perfect look, many women suffer from doubting they can achieve the look on their own. Look is so beautiful and intimidating at the same time, causing one to think it’s a difficult task. The truth is contouring is very simple and having the right tools i

GXVE Check My Glow Illuminating Highlighter

  GXVE Check My Glow Illuminating Highlighter is a weightless, creamy highlighter that blends in seamlessly for a filtered, multidimensional glow that lasts. If you want that extra glow this highlighter palette is the answer. Some say there’s no way Gwen Stefani could create a perfect makeup line and it’s true she did and did it well. Check My Glow is very popular in the cosmetic world and if you need that special touch...GXVE Check My Glow is the right product to give you the perfect look. It’s perfectly vegan and cruelty-free, with a gradient of shimmering, creamy powders ranging from subtle satin to show-stopping holographic creates a perfect flattering glow. The silky-smooth formula melts into skin, diffusing light for a lit-from-within, radiant highlight. These multidimensional pigments can be worn on the face, body, or eyes. All you need is a fluffy brush to blend across your cheekbones, brow bone, and the tip of your nose. You can also build more to create that desired look. Y

Doll 10 - Doll Vault Lip Rouge Lipstick

  OK so I know it's been some time since I’ve written about lipstick and it’s a true topic that’s making a comeback. Today, I want to introduce Doll 10’s Doll Vault Lip Rouge Lipstick! Though we’ve discovered liquid lipstick and love how it makes the lips shine with the gloss additive, this lipstick doesn’t fall short from that...The reality is Lip Rouge is a wonderful brand that makes the lips shine with a lot of love. Naturally made and naturally good Doll 10’s Doll Vault Lip Rouge Lipstick is a perfect perfection that your lips need day to day. I could find something elsewhere but there’s only one rouge that makes me happy and it’s this one. There’s thirteen amazing shades and Need a Vacation is one of them. A great color that does resemble something you should wear on the beach. What everyone is after is the creamy sensation that comes from each tube. The tube of lipstick holds natural ingredients inside and it gives superb moisture you will positively love. Made with natura

Too Faced Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry Mini Eye Shadow Palette

Remember waking up in the morning wanting some frosted Pop Tarts for breakfast? Well now you can enjoy waking up with this amazing Too Faced Pop-Tarts Frosted Strawberry Mini Eye Shadow Palette. It’s a cute collection you will absolutely adore using. And with eight amazing shades that resemble Pop Tarts Frosted Strawberry, your mornings will look amazing with a bright and beautiful splash of color. You can apply Frost Yourself, Frosted Strawberry, Berry Juicy, Bake It Happen, Ice Ice Glazy, Sugar Coated, Fruity & Flirty, and Strawberry Lava to your eyes each day while making a wonderful sugary look. If you like pinks this palette will help you create that sweet, look. If you want something warmer and flirtier, you will definitely enjoy beige and neutral looks. You will also love using those soft, light pinks that will make your eyes look incredible with lighter colors. This is a great new collection from Too Faced that fans will enjoy using. A great new way to enjoy sweetness in c

beautyblender Beary Flawless Blend & Cleanse Set

  If two go together it’s Beautyblender’s Beary Flawless Blend and Cleanse Set that helps your sponge and tools look amazing. This product is for brushes, sponges and curlers. A great finish that helps you clean makeup off your tools and sets in comfortable, soft foam that makes your sponge super clean. This cute bear addition to your cleansing routine will help you maintain a new way to cleanse the sponges and keep it free from makeup and germs. You can now get away from a huge bar of soap and harsh vinegar that leaves the tools ruined, broken and cracked. A new way of cleaning with the bear is so easy you will love the results. Using a bar of soap that isn’t meant to cleans makeup from the sponge can be dangerous to your tools. Something soft and smoother to touch is what you need. The sponge will be cleansed and sparkling new. You will finally have a cleaner, safter way to cleans germs and grimes from your makeup tools. This product is safe to use and will help maintain the cleann

Disney 100 X Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection

  Charlotte Tilbury's new collection is young and playful with Tinker Bell at its center...You will love this limited edition of everything perfect and new.  With billions of Disney fans in the world, it won’t be a surprise this campaign of Tinker Bell and fairy dust will help you enjoy a beautifying experience with this amazing makeup line. There’s been so many Disney collections in the past...The promotions did well for their season of creating superb, limited-edition makeup lines. This is a great way to keep fans wanting more, especially when magic cream is involved. If you want and need improvements with your skin, Charlotte’s Magic Cream will give you perfect skin and confidence. It improves the texture and smoothness of the skin, and it also erases the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a fun way to stay youthful every day. This collection was also created to celebrate 100 years of Disney and 10 magical years of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty; you will discover Charlotte Tilbury

Moira Beauty Love Steady Liquid Blush

  OK, so we all know what matted blush is and dealt with the dry formulas wishing they would come on a lot smoother. If you’ve ever tried liquid blush, the goal is to see the proper finish on the face and Moira Beauty has a new product called Love Steady Liquid Blush and it’s been featured on many blogs and beauty websites. With twelve different shades to their name, the application applied to the face is smooth and clean looking. Moira Love Steady Liquid Blush is a beautiful liquid blush with a lightweight buildable formula that easily blends, delivering high pigment reward. With seven shades of radiant finish blushes give radiant and natural glow look while five shades of matte finish blush with, liquid-to-powder formula blurs pigments to soft-focus effect. This amazing product can be used either alone or over makeup. All you must do to apply the blush is gently remove any excess product from the applicator and dot it onto the apples of your cheeks, starting with a small amount. Use

10 Best Drugstore Mascaras

  The best drugstore mascaras come with a cool lengthening solution that makes your lashes fuller and longer. Mascaras that don’t ich after drying are superb eye makeup that makes your lashes feel as though you didn’t apply mascara at all. A clean wisp of mascara is the best and those that don't feel pasty are wonderful mascara as well. Believe it or not many of these perfect mascaras are in drugstores that range from $5-$10! It’s a great way to save money and keep your eyes beautiful all day long. You’ll want mascara that lengthens the lashes in a healthy way that feels natural and clean. For example, for some time drugstore mascaras were the #1 choice for beauty fans everywhere and since the days of MAC and Urban Decay...Those same people turned to the more luxurious brands today. Though these are popular brands, luxurious doesn’t always mean perfect and drugstore brands are now more advanced and healthier to use. Let’s go through ten wonderful drugstore brands that will make you

Almay Lip Vibes Lipstick

  The perfect lipstick is smooth and comfortable to wear along with bright, beautiful colors. Introducing the Almay Lip Vibes Lipstick...A perfect lipstick your lips will love wearing. With perfect shades to choose from, it’s so chic in wearability and cosmetic brilliance. A perfect wear for this generation and has superb texture. The delight is there and it’s a perfectly new way to express yourself. If you love serious color payoff, then Lip Vibes is for you: The pigments are rich, and the formula feels amazingly silky, no matter what the finish. Almay makeup helps the complexion look cleansed and bright with perfect rouge, they also added shea butter and vitamins E and C to the lipstick formula. Lip Vibes come in many lipstick shades, in both cream and matte finishes—plus two “toppers” that transform your favorite lip colors with a warm or cool shimmery sheen. You will love wearing it and will get into the habit of wearing it morning, noon, or night. This lipstick is so soft and

KVD Beauty Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner, Shadow + Brow Pigment

  KVD is a great tattoo designer and now she’s mastered an amazing makeup line with fun colors and matte shades. This Super Pomade Vegan Eyeliner can be used in multiple ways and one of them is a brow pigment. It comes in seventeen long lasting colors. This waterproof eyeliner is a chic way of creating new looks with some amazing colors. It has a smooth, creamy texture you will love using. You will need an eyeliner brush to create amazing looks with this vegan eyeliner. Create a beautiful, curved look on your eyelid, or create a fun gothic look on your brows. You can also use the pomade around the entire eye...Making the eyes brighter and beautiful. You’re not going to look like a Smurf, but you will look charmingly elegant. There’s also a Bright Cherry Red color you can use to create more looks along with the single color of your choice. It’s a warm color and so pretty and invitingly charming. The Ultra Black color can be used to create a cool smoky eye and you can give the eyes more

REVOLUTION Disney's Minnie Mouse Steal the Show Blusher Duo

  From her dress and to her shoes Minnie Mouse is a true fashion icon in the world of beauty and Revolution is celebrating this fun and amazing Disney character that makes everyone smile. In the beauty industry we’ve seen amazing characters representing new makeup eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lipsticks, and bronzers...Today we celebrate this amazing Minnie Mouse blush from Revolution. When it comes down to new character cosmetic collections the goal is to find a perfect shade that is connected to that person. For example, Alice in Wonderland has a blue dress and white apron on top. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is a golden blonde color. Minnie Mouse has black ears and a black nose, and she’s wearing a polka dot bow and red dress. Revolution is certainly a game changer in the cosmetic world and their products speak for itself. And this is makeup Revolution’s cutest collaboration to date! A simply irresistible range of sweet skincare, bow adorned accessories and sparkling shades for t

Patrick TA Major Headlines Double-Take Creme & Powder Blush

  Imagine a magic trick that tones the face and creates a brilliant glow! Patrick TA Major Headlines Double Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo has magical abilities to create a luminous finish to the face. Now when I say it's magical, I mean it in a metaphor, yet true idea sort of way. It has a bold dimensional finish, and it’s worth every penny. You can use a light, fluffy brush to apply Major Headlines to the face and gently glide on the blush around your cheeks and you can add as much as you desire. The combination of both cream to powder works well together and it’s the reason why they are there- to collaborate and blend in together. The glow you’ll receive from Patrick TA Major Headlines Double Take Crème & Powder Blush Duo is sensational. It comes in eleven amazing shades, and you will of course choose the best one or more that goes well with your complexion. Perhaps something richer in color will make you look more radiant than a softer shade. There’s nothing wrong with

Rose Inc. Skin Enhance Non-Comedogenic Skin Tint Serum Foundation

  It’s important to have a healthy foundation that helps brighten the skin without masking it. The uncomfortable foundations are horrible in texture and lacks quality and smoothness. Rose Inc Cosmetics created a skin enhancing skin tint serum foundation that delivers powerful skincare and sheer, radiant coverage. It is known to moisturize over twenty-four hours and gently smooth the skin within seven days. Upon application with Number 3 Foundation Brush, the serum’s innovative microencapsulated pigment bursts on contact and effortlessly blends across the face, blurring the complexion for a luminous finish. It’s a weightless, non-comedogenic tinted serum that plumps and smooths while delivering a sheer, skin-like finish. This product is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and comes in recyclable packaging. The innovative, non-comedogenic serum creates breathable coverage with a seamless, natural glow that is truly a “no makeup” look. For best results, apply with a brush to burst pigment s