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The Benefits of using Etsy Hand Made Cosmetics


The true benefits of using Etsy handmade cosmetics are the fact they are naturally made with ingredients that’s provided to the maker and seller. With thousands of sellers of natural cosmetics, the Etsy environment has become one of the funniest online shopping experiences. I remember buying other items like earrings that were hand made by the seller. Now I’m more excited to purchase wholesome cosmetics that work just as good as famous $40 blush stick brands. When you type in the word blush, there are 279,145 results that can make your day worthwhile.

Handmade soaps, bath bombs, and creams are very popular on Etsy’s platform and now you can have foundations, lipsticks, blush, pigments, glosses, powder, and so much more. The wedding gifts on Etsy are amazingly beautiful and it’s one of a kind in the beauty and makeup industry. Carol’s Daughter is famous for their amazing hair creams and shampoos, and now you can find those products in Wal-Mart and Target.

If you have the desire to, you can also be the next big idea in the makeup and beauty industry. Whatever you set your mind on accomplishing, you can do it too. If you love making jewelry or soap, there’s a large group of individuals who will buy your products. A great way to get started is to research how to make your product of choice. And there’s a lot of ingredients you can buy online, and you can keep growing while adding your products on Etsy.  

TerraStoma Holistic Beauty has over 1,460 sales and all the products are hand made by the seller and its vegan. She has videos that can help more with your purchase and just to name of few of her amazing products, TerraStoma Beauty Stick – Multi-use Pigment is a popular item you can enjoy.


ViridianaXOCosmetics has some amazing cosmetics like their Butterfly Highlighter Palette! All of her palettes are cool with amazing shades. It's something new and different and you can enjoy all of them by visiting Etsy. Her Butterfly Dreams Eyeshadow Palette is another fantastic item that will make your shadow experience wonderful.

MajesticLips has amazing lip balms that can be personalized for parties and more. With over eighteen thousand sales, these products are on top of the lip balm must haves. You can use these balms also as promotional items for your new salon or birthday parties. It’s a cute idea that is making a lot of sales.

There’s nothing like a good bath bomb soak in the tub experience and I have used them for several years now. Today, you can enjoy a wonderful bath experience with SazzieBombs creations. This Etsy seller has a creative way to celebrate birthdays with custom made bath bombs. With 18,391 Sales it has become an Etsy Bestseller! This is a very cute and fun way to celebrate Birthdays.

If you love collecting moisturizers WellEtched has numerous moisturizers, you will adore using. They are the creamiest creams on Etsy and they're fun to use. The Lemon Meringue whipped Shea and Mango Body Butter not only feels good, but it also smells wonderful as well. A way to get away from stress is to use WellEtched for relaxation moments. 


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