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Priscilla Movie Review


The new Priscilla movie had some interesting points, however at the end it seemed as though there's a part two to the movie with her driving away in her car... Moving farther away from Elvis.

I read the book, 'Elvis and Me' and liked the film made in 1987 or 88. It was clear the man who invited Priscilla was probably scouting for girls, something Elvis always did during his career. 👋 

Let's talk about Priscilla for a moment. At the age of fourteen, girls are setting down dolls and looking at boys, teenage boys that is. Being a military brat isn't easy because of all the moving around. A life without Elvis would have increased traveling and spending more time overseas.

Her teenage perspective of life could have been bright and fun without adult worries. 

However, here comes a tall and handsome Elvis Presley to shake young Priscilla's foundation. Imagine being so young moving to a place without your parents.

Therefore, it wasn't surprising that Elvis was different in his home town. Girls everywhere and the guy wasn't ready to settle down. How on earth could he fall for a fourteen year old girl. 

The condition Elvis struggled with, was coming from his own identity. He personally didn't think it was wrong to look at young teenage girls. Also, he thought of himself as being young anyways- so it wasn't a big deal. In society it's called being a pervert and the ten year difference was wrong.

Priscilla is young and in love with this guy. Elvis kept on picking her up and setting her down. It took him months to call Priscilla after leaving Germany. Again, he wanted her to look a certain way and act a certain way.

In a story, Priscilla's parents told some time ago, Elvis kept her parents in his dressing room and didn't want them to leave. This was after divorce.

The difference between this couple is that Priscilla is Catholic and Elvis Pentacostal Protestant. Her family is from up north, and before moving to Texas, due to her stepfather's military 🪖 career, they settled there before moving to Germany. Then there's the age difference.

One question most people ask is could their marriage have lasted? The answer is no because Elvis had girlfriends while traveling on tour, and Priscilla, was set down to be a good wife, all alone.

The one thing I liked in this film is how much the nuns loved Elvis and it was a cute scene ❤️.  Another part of the film I liked is when Priscilla had exams and cheated on the test by using the other girls answers to graduate. And I think that's it. 🚗 Priscilla drove off in the end. She stayed in California and created a boutique store, this is something I heard or read.

One more thing, Elvis' dad was rude to Priscilla about the fan club needing employees only. His second wife was rude to her also. It's no wonder why those sleeping pills kept Priscilla asleep for two days. Pills to go to bed and pills to wake up. It was a nightmare.

OK, I almost forgot about the guns...Priscilla had a good eye on shooting guns and had several that matched her outfit. 😳 

On a 60 Minutes special called Elvis' Teen Girls, Priscilla wasn't the only 14-year-old he's been with.


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