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The Difference Between Peach and Pink Blush

  I’ve had this problem before, and I know many others had this problem with their blush and its knowing when the shade of blush you purchased is peach or pink. When you hold the blush to the light, is rosy or peachy? Sometimes you can’t tell and other times you can. The surest way of knowing is when you look in the mirror and apply it to your face. The product may have cost $10-30 and yet after opening you can’t send it back after using it the first time. So, for a lucky spin on whether your blush is peach or pink. One excellent way you can determine it is with the makeup brand Benefit Cosmetics. And I said this should work because Benefit knowingly has a peach blush called Peachin Golden Peach Blush and Crystah Strawberry Pink Blush.   These two amazing blushes are very different from each other; however, they wear well and last long after each application. A great hue that doesn’t wear off. There is a difference between peach and pink while viewing both blushes. I chose to use anot

10 Best Setting Sprays

  A good setting spray can be applied before and after you apply makeup on your face. The goal is to keep your makeup fresh all day every day. It’s also best to use a safe and cruel free setting spray on the skin. If you have matte lipstick, it will be smear free for several hours after using a good setting free. And is you had an application of eyeshadow; it will keep the color safely on the eyes. Or how about the bronzer that set itself on the skin...It will remain beautifully set on your skin. I personally enjoy using a fresh setting spray on and after my personal application of makeup products. Try spraying the setting spray before and after using makeup. It helps keep your face safely appearing on the face and if you can look carefully on the side, you applied blush. If it smeared it’s not a real handy setting spray, and if the blush remains this is exactly what you are looking for. However, this is a great way to try a fabulous setting spray...One that promises to keep your mak

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Tight 'N Toned Toner

OK, it is true...I like Benefit Cosmetics and it's a more than a like thing, I'm a fan of their products and have been for some time now. Recently I purchased the POREfessional Tight 'N Toned Toner pore refining AHA + PHA and loved the results. My pores are fairly small and when I used Tight 'N Toned I applied one to two pumps of the foam on my face. My skin felt exfoliated and actually very clean from build-up. After several days of use my pores became noticeably smaller.  I'm glad someone took the time to help with this pore problem and Benefit Cosmetics has a wonderful line of pore solutions. This is a great way to save money on steamed facials and expensive products that don't work. 

Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Twinkle Soft Nude Pink Highlighter

  Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Twinkle Soft Nude Pink Highlighter is sheer and perfect for finishing your look for the day. It has a shimmer finish with a soft-focus blurring effect. It’s also blendable and buildable while feeling weightless with a luminous glow. The benefits of finishing powder are endless...It completes the charm and beauty of the face and softens the finished look. Depending on the complexion a light application can make the face bright and beautiful, while a heavier application can help another complexion, it all depends on the shape and style of the face. One person complained that a makeup artist applied too much finishing powder and it was a celebrity who said she looked like a ghost, while another person loved the finishing powder her makeup artist applied on her face. Again, it all depends on the shape and complexion of the skin.

10 New and Amazing Makeup Bronzers

  With a steady glide there and sweet dap there...The perfect bronzer enhances the beauty of the face and finding the best shade is the completion of having the very best. The perfect blush is next to having the perfect bronzer and a rich light to medium shade is perfect for most complexions. Discovering a beautiful, luminous bronzer is a simple task when you know exactly what you are looking for. The bronzers listed are perfect for a day's night out, balls, weddings and your everyday routine. 1. Huda GloWish Soft Radiance Bronzing Powder Huda Beauty has millions of fans because she knows what women want. Glowish is a fun and clean, transfer-proof, non-drying powder bronzer you will absolutely love using. Your face will shine bright and beautiful, because it gives you a natural-looking tan with subtle luminosity for an all-over soft glow and radiant finish. 2. MAC Cosmetics SkinFinish Sunstruck Radiant Bronzer Enjoy the MAC Cosmetics SkinFinish Sunstruck Radiant Bronzer and it w

10 Best Eyelid Makeup - Will Make You Beautiful

  Eyelid makeup comes in many different varieties of primers, eyebrow kits, eyeliners, eyelashes, mascara, and eyeshadow. Finding the right eyeliner is an important finish to beautifying your eyes and you can do this with a simple swipe of liners that looks great with your eye color and complexion. A blue liner looks great with most eye colors and a warm blue and purple smoky eye will look great with this look. If you’ve tried most mascaras...Even waterproof ones how satisfied are you with the choices you’ve made? Benefit Cosmetics have many different varieties of wonderful mascaras that lengthen each lash. For example, They’re Real! Magnet Extreme Lengthening Mascaras work miracles with lashes that are 40% longer. This product is a great start in having long lashes without fake ones with glue and gunk. And if you shaped your eyebrows, Benefit has an amazing brow kit called Bigtime Brow Haul! It will help you shape your brows to your desired look. You will also love Benefit Cosmetics

10 Best Lipstick Shades

  The right lipstick shades this season is the foundation of how beautiful you’re going to look. Crimson lipstick colors are the most popular and it’s the most desired in every beauty boutique. For example, you walk to the salesman, or woman and ask to try some new lipsticks…Red is always the choice they have in hand.  The list of lipsticks ae sensational! Often times, when there’s a new product launch, lades shop online or in a beauty store like Ulta and Sephora. Every sales launch has a discount for lipstick. Coming black Friday…There will be a 10-50% off on certain cosmetics. And there is the favorite crimson shade waiting for you to glide on your lips. But there’s more shades of rouges to choose. Do you like purple lipstick?   Or how about neon pink?   It’s a wonderful idea to try shades of lipstick that ae a little bit out of your comfort zone.   Then there’s the shades that are more neutral and yet sophisticated.   And of course, there’s the deep brown and beige colors mod