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Beauty Creations Ariel Eyeshadow Palette

  Beauty Creations Ariel Eyeshadow Palette is a sensational new product that has the Little Mermaid and the sea in mind. It comes in thirty-five amazing shades that will make your eyes amazing with different collaborations in mind. Each shade appears in different colors you can find in the sea. For example, the blues look like crystal clear island blue shades and the purples look like different jelly fish and different shades in the sea. The Ariel eyeshadow palette is truly part of this world and you can have your own while this collection lasts. All you need is several eyeshadow brushes and with your favorite color for the eyelid...Simply glide on a perfect glitter shade on the eyelid and surround the eye with a darker hue that looks great with the glitter shade color. You can also create a shimmering light pink look with this palette and highlight the eyes with one of the white shades. Or how about a light touch of yellow that looks like tropical fish in the sea. Then there’s the b