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Top 10 Purple Lipsticks this Season

Of course, red lipstick is the most popular shade of rouge and there’s many different shades of red to enjoy wearing. However, you can’t avoid the fact that purple lipstick is the second most popular shade! It’s now a new fashion trend to try purple, pink, tan, and black lipsticks. Purple lipstick helps your complexion look brighter and more beautiful. I’ve tried several of the shades and became addicted to purple shades of lipstick. Purple lipstick is fun to wear and now you can enjoy the moisture quality of new lipsticks. The goal is to have high moisturizing and long-wearing lipstick.  If you are wearing purple at work or out in town...The right lipstick shade will help finish your new look. P For Potent Powder Kiss Lipstick This mid-tone purple lipstick from MAC Cosmetics is the perfect shade that will last you all day long. It has a moisturizing formula of weightless moisture that glides on smoothly and beautifully. This lipstick is on MAC's bestselling lists.  Yves Saint Laur