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Estee Lauder Pure Color Whipped Matte Lip Color with Moringa Butter

  Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Whipped Matte Lip Color with Moringa Butter is velvety smooth, weightless, and non-sticky. With twelve amazing shades, you will enjoy each matte lip color, and there’s nothing wrong with including them in your makeup kit. Sweet Tart is a lovely, light purple matte lip color and so is Social Whirl. It’s good to see Estee Lauder’s makeup evolving with the times and I was personally glad to see their new collection of lipstick and liquid lipstick. Mostly known for their skincare products...Estee Lauder has new and amazing cosmetics that will increase your charm and beauty. Love Fever is a beautiful red shade that is attractive and popular for the new it-girl look. This touch of red liquid color is an amazing shade that’s fun and beautifying to wear. It is a very lovely and very new product for awesome looks you can create for yourself. It comes in a cool winded tube of liquid lip color and with just a smooth tip to apply the matte color. All you must do is s

10 Best Face Moisturizers

  The best face moisturizers will do several things for your skin and one of them is you won't have harsh breakouts and it will keep your skin healthy, clean, and clear. For example, I remember trying a moisturizer cream that was too harsh on my skin, and instead of it helping my combination skin, it gave me blemishes I never had before.  After trying them product, I gave up on using skincare for several years.  However, there was a miracle product out there and I started using more natural lines of products. To better meet your skincare needs you need to discover your skin care type (oily, combination, or dry).  Start touching your face with your fingertips. You should start with your nose and forehead.  Are these specific areas dry, oily or a combination of both? A combination of the two needs a specific skincare line that is gentle with some moisturizing abilities that won't cause breakouts.  A person with dry skin, will need a moisturizer that removes heavy dryness by nurtu