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Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume Collection

The news is Carolina Herrera has a brand-new New Girl in mind and her name is New Girl Blush and it’s the Klossette Edition of this amazing collection of New Girls’. Blush represents the floral chiffon gown in the Resort 2024 Collection. The femininity of this New Girl is something everyone wants to get their hands on and I’m waiting for new ideas of buying gifts this year.

If you love floral fragrances, this New Girl will help you examine this truth with a lovely scent of flowers and love.

Good Girl Dazzling Garden is a sweet, warm and spicy fragrance that is found on the shelves of most stores. This new Christmas season, you need to pre-order Good Girl Dazzling Garden because it’s a wonderful scent fans are talking about having this year. If you need a new gift idea, Good Girl fragrances is one item you can have on your list.

Good Girl Supreme is a vanilla, fruity, woody, aromatic, amber, tuberose, sweet, warm spicy, and earthy fragrance. If you are more on the warm and sweet side of perfumes Good Girl Supreme is right for you. Basically, it’s for girls who want to have fun and love smelling comfortable every day.

Good Girl Legere is sweet, warm and spicy fragrance, and is somewhat the same and different from Supreme. If you love the fruity, citrus scent, Good Girl Legere is the right fragrance for you. I personally go with rose and citrus scents. Some friends would choose Supreme, and I’m not surprised they like it so much- you know the warm side of fragrances. For those who like fruity scents, you won’t go wrong with Legere.

Good Girl Velvet Fatale is a warm floral scent that many say is their favorite. The bottle says it all with its velvety admiration of everything beautiful and sweet. It has this sort of mystery behind the fragrance. Good Girl Velvet Fatale represents Carolina Herrera's fashion line, something fierce and it's an amazing representation of who she is in the world of fashion.   

If you are a very good girl, this fragrance was made for you, and it will put a smile on your face because it's exactly who you are- a Very Good Girl. Its red inspiration represents someone who loves fashion, life and beauty. It has a fruity and rosy scent that is enriched with a tropical, spicy scent. It's a very good way to express who you are.

The original Good Girl perfume represents the strong woman who can wear the fragrance day or night. A wonderful amber floral scent that gives a wonderful touch of a stronger fragrance that works for those who have it all in style and beauty. It's the perfect perfume for ladies who love to travel and go out in town for some fun.  

Good Girl Gold Fantasy has a white floral, warm and sweet scent and is one of the most desired Good Girl perfumes. Launched in 2022, this was highly demanded from fans and it's still a favorite among the Good Girl collections. A wonderful perfume for day and night wear, and it gives you good vibrations of being beautiful. 


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