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How to Have Perfect Skin

  I’ve personally asked this question for a long time, “how to have perfect skin?” I noticed some changes since my youth and today, and the answer is found from withing. For example, do you have a clean diet that includes fruits and vegetables? Do you drink more soda than water? I found when the consumption of too much sugar occurs, acne starts appearing way too much. Also, having the perfect skincare routine can improve the beauty of your skin, it takes daily love and care to improve your look. If you only wash your face with water and no facial cleansers and you have perfect looking skin, there’s nothing wrong with this. I was asked this question, “So what skincare do you use?” I didn’t have an answer because I didn’t use many skincare products since using Mary Kay. Fast forward to today, I discovered a lot of cool new skincare brands that work well with my combination skin. Recently, I started using this amazing kiwi cleanser by BYROE and it doesn’t leave the skin dry, and I enjoy

Rouge Dior Minaudiere Clutch

  Dior is the best brand for seasonal gifts and birthdays, especially when it comes to perfume. Now you can have it all with their new Rouge Dior Minaudiere Clutch. If you aren’t so sure of what you want for Christmas, be sure you discover this pretty collection of rouges. You’ll love the red shades along with all four shades. All of them have long wear and you will love trying each one for the Holiday seasons. The goal is to create a superb look with every new palette and shade. Your complete look will be amazing with shimmers and shades. Try Dior’s blush along with eyeshadows, and brushes. There’s plenty of amazing brushes you can try with their makeup line. If you are buying something new for a loved one, you can give them the entire gift set this season. The perfume is a wonderful gift to give alongside the Clutch. These gift sets can be sold out very quickly so the longer you wait is the longer you lose to have this opportunity. A further idea is Dior’s new fashion trends. For exa

CHANEL Les Symboles de CHANEL Le Camelia

  There’s a reason why CHANEL’s Les Symboles de CHANEL Le Camelia sold out and it’s because of the texture. Camelia comes in three shades – Precious Coral, Warm Gold, and Pearly White. A wonderful highlighter that makes the skin look silky soft, with a touch of color. You can contour the face with the retractable kabuki brush N* 108 and apply the highlighter gently on the cheek bones. This design reflects the dandies and lapels on CHANEL jackets, an emblem from 1913. Along with having this staple look in fashion, you can also wear it from the highlighter. This creation is truly unique and beautiful with fashion and beauty intertwined together as a whole unique look. You can also group this highlighter with CHANEL lipstick, in fact Rouge Allure’s Lebre will look perfect with all three shades. And Ultra Le Teint Foundation should be applied on the face before using Le Camelia. It’s a perfect foundation that full coverage and provides twenty-four-hour coverage. It seamlessly glides on th

10 Best Dry Hair Solutions

If you suffer from dry hair there are so many wonderful solutions that will moisturize your hair and keep it clean, soft and shiny. Those who have dry hair and split ends will love these products for sure. If washing alone isn’t working, you can use healthy, cruelty free products that will also make your hair grow. So, it’s clear when hair is too dry...It starts falling out and though you’ve probably tried everything, there’s that one solution you haven’t tried. If you are using curling irons and hair spray way too much, it's one of the reasons why it shedding and breaking way too much. Some gals ignore the warning signs of drying hair due to unfortunate hair styling. Be careful while using gels. Contrary to popular believe certain hair gels dry the hair and certain oils can really cause damage in the ends. It’s a wonderful idea to keep your hair natural while transitioning the hair to be cured from harsh chemicals. Wrong hair shampoos can strip the hair from its natural color,

Clio Kill Cover the New Founwear Cushion

  I just stumbled upon several new cosmetic items that are from overseas and Clio is something that fits well with sensitive skin. I’ve tried several different cosmetics and found many of them to be interesting and fun to wear. While living in Europe I became a fan of great cosmetics, fragrances and skincare. I’m sure you’ll experience the same while traveling. Clio’s Kill Cover the New Founwear Cushion is a thin and light application Non-heavy NEW KILL COVER. Power persistence that doesn't need makeup fix as the clean skin expression persists with just a single touch. And their benefits are sun protection, brightening, and curved puffs. All you must do is apply by pressing the puff into the sponge and patting the puff onto the face. Please use it after removing the film. Please close the lid fully after use. While creating the perfect, soft look, it’s easy to use as you gently glide Founwear around your cheeks. As you research this makeup brand, you’ll enjoy discovering all things

Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit

Tis the season and it’s almost here and for those who love makeup in their stockings, this is one of the best items to give for a sudden gift. Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit is far beyond this time and if you want that complete look for yourself or someone you love...You should share one today. I’m personally a fan of the perfect red colors and her No Sleep set is a perfect shade this season. No sleep is a brilliant blend of fuchsia and soft red, and it really highlights the face. A perfect matte for perfect lips. I haven’t found one just like it and it’s something you should add to your Christmas list. Another shade that is perfectly shaded is Boss. This shade is the perfect red that does have the quality of a boss. You know that perfect statement – You're the Boss? Well, it does give you the bossy kind of look that is required for a perfect look. The truth of why you should love a matte lip color is because it lasts mostly all day. I’ve become addicted to the perfect matte shades

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint

  If you are tired of using a huge drop-full of foundation that feels cakey Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint is the perfect solution. You will love using this foundation because you will only need several drops of Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint. After applying the foundation, you can blend it on the face with your fingertips, a foundation brush, or sponge. A lightweight, buildable light-to-medium coverage tinted moisturizer that leaves skin looking blurred and smoothed—In 25 flexible shades for all. It's perfect for the correct complexion and it looks so natural it won’t look like you have makeup on. It’s a light cover that is a perfect blurry finish. Just shake the bottle and use two to three drops full of Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint. And if you are concerned about smudging, this is a humidity, sweat resistant formula. It’s a quick blur complex for a hydrating, diffused effect. Also, it’s a smooth texture that layers well with primer and skincare. Fenty Beauty by Rihann

Laura Mercier Starlight Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Lipstick Avenue is a new makeup encyclopedia for fans everywhere and today we’re happy to talk about Laura Mercier’s Starlight Dreams Eyeshadow Palette. Prepare yourself this holiday season with nine amazing colors that consists of: Celestial- Cream- Matte, Divine- Dusty Mauve- Matte, Starry Night- Deep Purple Brown- Matte, Brightest Star- Deep Champagne- Shimmer, Plum Magic- Rich Purple- Shimmer, Ethereal- Bright Champagne Gold- Shimmer, Lucky Star- Chestnut Brown- Shimmer, Stardust- Bright Baby Pink- Shimmer, and Cosmic Night- Deep Brown- Shimmer. You can have a lot of fun creating new eyeshadow looks with this palette. I believe in the rich purple and deep champagne shade. Another beautiful look consists of the Stardust – Bright Baby Pink shadow and the Cosmic Night. Make sure to add this shadow kit to your wish list of makeup this season. It’s very easy to apply these shadows for the perfect look and to apply dry: Use your favorite eyeshadow brush to pick up your chosen shade. Ta

GXVE I'm Still Here Liquid Lipstick

  OK, so there’s a lot of liquid lipsticks out there however, GXVE’s I’m Still Here liquid lipstick is fantastic in color and richness. This color is so brilliant you would protest if there all gone. It’s also a matte formula that feels good and clean on the lips. Another key need is I’m Still Here is completely long-lasting, and you won’t need to worry about way too many touch ups. In other words, it’s a lightweight, long-wearing, and transfer-proof clean liquid lipstick in an ultra-matte finish. This intensely pigmented, clean formula locks in one-swipe, budge proof color with major staying power—no fading, feathering, or transferring. It dries down to an ultra-matte finish and wears comfortably on lips. It is also 100 percent vegan. You can have Gwen Stefani’s signature red lips with this shade, or you can create a nude and bright look with this amazing weightless liquid lipstick. It has major setting power with no fading, feathering, or transferring. And it dries down to an ultra-

Ariana Grande Cloud Pink Eau de Parfum

  People notice first before buying perfume and I believe Ariana Grande Cloud Pink eau de Parfum speaks for itself. What you notice first is a bottle in the shape of a cloud. I personally smelled this fragrance and like its fruity appeal. It’s a great scent for Ariana Grande fans everywhere. Cloud Pink by Ariana Grande is an Amber Vanilla fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Cloud Pink was launched in 2023. The nose behind this fragrance is Clement Gavarry. Top notes are Pitahaya, Wild Berries and Pineapple; middle notes are Coconut Water, Vanilla Orchid and Ambrette; base notes are Praline, Musk, Amberwood and Moss (Fragrantica). Created by Firmenich's Clement Gavarry, Cloud Pink is a sensual blend of ambery woods, magenta moss, and a touch of sweetened praline. The journey begins with a velvety blend of rich berries and sparkling fruit while the delicate floralcy of vanilla orchid and blush ambrette wrap you in an embrace of feathery, cotton-like clouds. The lasting impr

Doritos Cool Ranch Claire's Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette

  When I discovered this cool Doritos Cool Ranch Claire’s Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette, it’s cute and has rich eyeshadow colors everyone would love to use, and its brilliant shade makes beauty happen in a way you’ve never expected. The eight shades look the way Doritos taste- wonderful and good. You can create multiple looks with this amazing eyeshadow palette, a great expense to change your look and style, comes with the Doritos Cool ranch Claire’s Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette . The good news is that it's on clearance and the price went down from $19 to $9 and you can find it at many discount closing stores. The pastel eyeshadows work well with good eyeliner and mascara kits. Since the looks can be created with unique shades a wonderful blush, bronzer, foundation and primers can improve each eye look that makes everything chic and beautiful. The chips and crisps idea for beauty and naming colors that look amazing is a fun idea that will help create new looks. If you’re someone tha

OPI Put on Something Ice Nail Polish

  Since we’re headed to cold, snowy weather, have the right nail polish that celebrates the season is in style. OPI has this glamorous nail polish called Put on Something Ice and it has a wonderful shine to it. It looks like crystal pearls and a touch of glitter swirls. Put on Something Ice also has a swirl of purple and blue inside the nail polish. Tis the season to have a crystal polished color on your nails and you can make several new nail designs with this polish. It can have beautiful purple lines airbrushed on top and another style can include a unique French manicure style around the tip of the nail. All you must do is properly prep your natural nail to ensure nail lacquer adhesion. Start by applying one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat . Shake nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment (this will help avoid streakiness!). Apply two thin coats to each nail. Brush some nail polish at the nail's free edge to cap the nail and help prevent chippi

10 Best Makeup Contouring Kits

  You can achieve a fabulous look within an hour of using a contouring kit verses plastic surgery. The purpose of contouring the face is to brighten and deepen your new look without using painful procedures. After finishing the look, you desire...Compliments like, “who did your makeup,” and “How did you create that look,” are questions received after achieving that amazing look. From left to right on the forehead and increased shade around the checks, all the way to the areas of the nose and eyes are divided between light and warm shading. Learning how to use each kit is simple after following directions inside the kit. Thankfully, you can use an influencers technique and become a pro after the first or second try. After, desiring that perfect look, many women suffer from doubting they can achieve the look on their own. Look is so beautiful and intimidating at the same time, causing one to think it’s a difficult task. The truth is contouring is very simple and having the right tools i

Tom Ford Soleil Lip Blush

  Tom Ford’s Soleil Lip Blush is a lip blush that imparts a sheer veil onto lips and then transforms into a sultry, personalized pink stain based on your own unique skin ph. What makes this different is the shade comes from your own pH affair on the skin and changes colors to a light or dark pink. This is a cool way to wear makeup based on what your lips like about Soleil Lip Blush. I’ve personally tried a lot of lip blushes that change into a purple or pink shade, but I didn’t like the texture, it was just a but lost when it comes to moisturizing my lips. I had fun using three different, transforming shades that made my lips look natural. The Tom Ford’s Soleil Lip Blush does more with an all-in-one lip balm and lip stain. It changes into your own pH and personalized color. It’s a great lip blush that helps the lips look more natural and truer to your unique skin tone. Also, you will find it fun to wear while using facial foundation, blush, and eyeshadows. You can create a new look wi

Pink Honey Bronzing Face Frosting

  Pink Honey’s Bronzing Face Frosting is the new must have cream bronzer and it’s the talk of the town. Created and developed for all skin types, this cream bronzer glides and blends into the skin effortlessly to give a seamless full coverage application. For a glowy smooth finish, this is your new makeup must-have. Cream bronzers deserve some praise from makeup fans everywhere because its smooth consistency is wonderful for the skin and makes the face feel more comfortable and moisturized. I’ve personally tried a lot of powdery bronzers and they left the skin dry and horribly uncomfortable. If it's not a clan matte finish, forget about using it every day. The face needs moisture and the Bronzing Face Frosting delivers all of this. It glides on smoothly and it makes you want more every day. To create a wonderful look, pick up a small amount of product and apply using light pressure to areas you want to add warmth and definition like the cheekbones, temples, forehead, neck, and jaw

Estee Lauder Pure Color Whipped Matte Lip Color with Moringa Butter

  Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Whipped Matte Lip Color with Moringa Butter is velvety smooth, weightless, and non-sticky. With twelve amazing shades, you will enjoy each matte lip color, and there’s nothing wrong with including them in your makeup kit. Sweet Tart is a lovely, light purple matte lip color and so is Social Whirl. It’s good to see Estee Lauder’s makeup evolving with the times and I was personally glad to see their new collection of lipstick and liquid lipstick. Mostly known for their skincare products...Estee Lauder has new and amazing cosmetics that will increase your charm and beauty. Love Fever is a beautiful red shade that is attractive and popular for the new it-girl look. This touch of red liquid color is an amazing shade that’s fun and beautifying to wear. It is a very lovely and very new product for awesome looks you can create for yourself. It comes in a cool winded tube of liquid lip color and with just a smooth tip to apply the matte color. All you must do is s

Earth Harbor Naturals - Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer

  Recently while visiting Ulta I discovered this amazing skincare company called Earth Harbor Naturals and their Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer. It’s a great product for sensitive, dry, oily, and combination skin. It's purely plant derived and replenishing moisturizer that hydrates and balances skin while giving you a mermaid glow. This lightweight, creamy formula is packed with Superfoods Spirulina & Matcha, along with concentrated Phytonutrients + Antioxidants + Vegan Hyaluronic Acid that perfectly moisturizes, soothes and nurture skin. She is non-greasy, never oily nor sticky, and absorbs quickly while leaving a beautiful demi-matte finish. Wear her under makeup or alone to let skin breathe. The Mermaid Milk formula includes Spirulina, Matcha and Seaweed Extracts are ultra-rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, protein, and almost every other nutrient that our skin needs. Together these superfoods noticeably boost radiance, increase firmness and skin elasticity, and reduce