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How to Put Eyeliner on Your Eyes


A long time ago I asked this question, “how to put eyeliner on your eyes?” That same day I went to the store and bought Revlon eyeliner and tested several looks on my own. There are so many brilliant looks you can create and the most famous one is the cat eye. The cat eye look is created with liquid eyeliner and from the corner of your eye, apply the end of the pin gently from right to left and from the left side gently spin the eyeliner pin with a curved line and you just made a cat eye.

Thankfully, there are different colored eyeliners that can make those eyes beautiful before leaving home. You can make a blue look along with some eyeshadow and eyeliner. It’s a cute look that is growing popular again. Some ladies add long eyelashes to the look and some just need a little mascara.

And with this basic look all you’ll need is three eyeliner pencils (including a black one) and one eye shadow shade. OK, first you’ll apply your favorite eyeshadow and make sure your pencil eyeliner is sharpened. Apply the darkest liner from right to left and then apply the blue liner above the black liner you just applied. If you have a pink or darker blue one, just make sure it is lined above the other blue liner.

Another cool eyeshadow look is a beautiful, basic look that doesn’t curve outside the eyelid but is applied gently on the lid after adding eyeshadow. If you desire to have eyeliner working on the top and bottom of the eye, you can use black pencil eyeliner. The trick is to stop it from smudging. So, you sharpen the pencil, and gently add the liner on the top lid and then the bottom.

This look is popular again with liner added on the top and bottom, I’ve been using this look for some time now and all I do is apply eyeshadow on the top of the eye and then I apply a gentle amount of eyeshadow on the bottom of the eye. It works magically while making the eye look brilliant and sophisticated with supreme detail.

Some time ago I talked about the perfect smoky eye and realized how much a black pencil eyeliner can do with this look. All you will need is a black and brown eye shadow palette and cool eyeliner. Apply the warm color of choice for your smoky eye and use a good eyeshadow brush and apply the shade on the eyelid. You can also apply the same shade on the bottom of the eye. After you’re finished with the shadow, grab your black or brown eyeliner and apply it on the eyelid close to your lashes and use the same pencil below the eye. You will look spectacular with this look.

The pink shadow pencil has become popular again and is remembered from the 80’s. Some makeup brands have them, however I discovered that many of them are found in drugstores. You will see the fuchsia tones, blue tones, and purple eyeliners. Neon colors are fun to use these days and you can use along with your favorite shadows.

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